Thursday, October 8, 2009


1. Why does the new lady at Starbucks remember my order but the one who has been there for 3 years doesn't? (And yes, I know I am obsessing over this...but seriously, it is annoying.)

2. Why do the kids at school listen to me so much better than the two with whom I live?

3. Why does that one patch of stained drywall in the dining room from the roof leak 3 years ago bother me so much? It calls to me each time I walk in there, "Look up here, Amy! In the northwest corner of the room by the closet door! I'm taunting you!!"

4. Why are there always stray socks in my basement?

5. Why does my dog drink out of the toilet when I have repeatedly explained to her that it a very bad habit? Not only is it icky, but it makes her pee in the living room before we get home from work. Is it so hard to walk 30 feet the other way into the kitchen to her water bowl? I mean, what ELSE does she have to do all day while we are gone?

6. On the same topic, why do the squirrels in my year mock my elderly dog? In her heyday she woulda made mincemeat outta them. Just ask the childless mother rabbit that used to live in my yard...

7. Why does McDonald' keep asking me if I want to try the Angus burger every time I come through the drivethru? Don't they read "Eat This, Not That"? That burger is like, worse than 3 Big Macs!

8. Why isn't Halloween in the summer when the days are longer and there is more time to trick or treat? And don't give me any of that "harvest" crap. If we still lived our lives based on farm principles kids would start school in October, end in May and I'd be melting lye for soap every weekend.

9. Why do people circle the parking lot at the health club waiting for a prime parking spot? Walk the extra few yards and count it against your treadmill time, for god's sake.

10. Why do the weather people tell us what the weather was like TODAY on the 10:00 news? Today is over, move on.

11. And for that matter, why isn't the weather the first thing on the news each night. That is all anyone cares about anyway.

12. Why do I hate kid birthday parties so much? I love the summer when no one has parties...such a reprieve! School is barely a couple of months underway and already my bulletin board is covered with printed out Evites, conflicting parties and reminders to buy presents that no one will ever play with. That last complaint is why I am strictly going gift cards from now is the only gift that is worthwhile these days. (And for the record my personal favorites are Starbucks, Target and Ann Taylor Loft...oh wait, that's for me. I guess 9 years olds prefer other crap.)

13. Why can't I find a pair of black leather boots that I like as much as the ones I bought 3 years ago and have worn into the ground? It isn't a hard request...but they just don't exist anymore.

14. Why can't you use Lettuce Entertain You Frequent Diner points on Saturdays? Ok, I get "why"...because they want the cash at high traffic times. But if I am frequent-fricking diner and loyal customer (despite DiPescara taking Tom's favorite dish off the menu) shouldn't I get to use my points when I want to?

15. Why do I get so mad when my kids are sick or hurt? I know, character flaw...I am way more sympathetic to the kids at school. Hmmm, maybe it has something to do with #2.

16. Why do I still believe that fax machines are magic?

17. Why do people put Tabasco sauce on stuff? It is so gross. When I see it I have to pant-blow out of my nose so I don't risk smelling it.

18. Why can't I buy Dell ink anywhere except online? Or, is that untrue and I just take their word for it? Is this a scam?

19. Why do some people like blasts from the past and some people eschew them?

20. Why do I feel that I have to have an even number when I write lists? I blame my friend Brian.


  1. #1 - Because the new lady cares about customer service and/or has a better memory.

    #2 - The kids you live with count on the fact that you have to like them no matter what they're like. The kids you work through care whether you like them.

    #5 - Maybe you just need to make sure the toilet seat is down when you're not home?

    #8 - Because trick-or-treating is sortve a throwback to Samhain festivals and Samhain is in October. Plus, Halloween candy managed properly can last til Xmas.

    #9 - They'll be too tired to work out if they have to walk too far into the club? *giggle

    #13 - For the same reason I can't find the undergarments I adore anymore. I can't be the only person in the world who likes them but I can't find a reasonably priced alternative anymore.

  2. WHY does Subway continue to ask me- "Chips and a Drink with that?"


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