Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Don't Look That Old...

But apparently my body has other ideas. Over the past few years various weird ailments (none critical or deadly) have befallen me. Some I will not bore you with lest I be accused of TMI. But here is just a little list of the weirdness that is me RIGHT fricking NOW!!

1. I have a cyst on my wrist...which sound kind of fun if you say it quickly. But it isn't. It is annoying and if I bend my wrist back and put pressure on it (like if I were being forced to do push-ups at aerobics class or something) it hurts. I had one of these a bunch of years ago after one pregnancy and it went away. So, I am going with the "wait and see" approach. Plus 2 doctors (an internist on my aerobics class and my dad, a retired neurosurgeon) told me to ignore it. I like that advice.

2. I have blepharitis. Google is a VERY annoying eye/skin thing that is not contagious. It is annoying, did I mention that? I makes me look like I have pink eye shadow on and my eyelids get puffy. I have this steroid cream I can only use for 2 weeks at a time because the side effect is glaucoma (WTF? The side effect is worse that the condition!) It is chronic so it is supposed to come and go, but for the past 2 months it has not gone at all. I am not supposed to wear make-up and I think that is dumb, so perhaps that is exacerbating the problem. But my eyelids are all 'roided up, they can kick your ass. Whatever...

3. Allergies...spring time crap.

4. I still have this stupid swollen forearm from pruning the rose bushes last weekend. I was hoping it would be gone by now. It is smaller, so I don't look exactly like Popeye anymore. At least I got that going for me.

5. I keep getting woken up at night with a cramp in my left leg. Aren't I supposed to eat more bananas or something for that?

Stuff like this did not happen when I was in my 30's. Is there someplace I can file a grievance or something?

Six Word Saturday

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My six words for today are: Get the small portion, it's enough.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

People I'd Have Dinner With....Or Famous People Who Don't Annoy Me

So, I know this is a game of 3 people you'd like to be stuck with on a island or 3 people you'd have dinner with, blah, blah, blah. But surprisingly, I have given this some thought. And the rules are mine...people can be living or dead and obviously the definition of "famous" is entirely MINE:

1. JFK...I have a thing for him. Check out my Shelfari page...I've read about 30 books about him. If I could have dinner with him it would trump the fact that I can't answer the question, "Where were you when JFK was shot?"

2. Bill Clinton...Love Bill. I know he has very male/egocentric tendencies. But still, I think he'd be fun to hang with. He knows stuff and people and all that. Then maybe after dinner he can jam with Tom's band. Cool!

3. Hillary Clinton...Yep, her too. But I think I'd dine with her separately from Bill. I don't want to feel left out or anything. She seems smart, and she knows people too. I would want to know what she REALLY thinks about Barack. Do you think she is over that already? I think she might be because clearly, she is fine with forgiving men who humiliate her in public as long as she gets something out of the deal. Some might call that door-mat like...I call it self-preservation.

4. Finola Hughes...I am in love with her. The woman I'd switch sides for, really. But I'd want her to pretend to be Anna Devane for part of dinner. Anna can kick 3 guys' asses, solve a crime and look great...all in high heeled boots! She is beautiful and tough. If you don't know who she is, Google her...she has lost some weight lately though. She was a bit hotter when she was curvier back in the GH hey-days.

5. Nora Roberts...How does she write ALL those romance novels every year? She can't possibly do it all alone, although that's her story and she is sticking to it, right? But she does write fab-o romance entertainment. She has got it all in her books...some suspense, some women who are tough, but not bitchy, men who are just sensitive enough but not wussy, hot sex scenes and enough action but not too much so that it distracts from the sex. I would however, help her come up with some new names...I have noticed that she reuses some.

6. Sig Hansen...Everyone knows I love Sig (although I was a bit disappointed that he refused to help Keith with his bait problem recently). He is street (or sea, lol) smart, but not book stupid. He is a planner (love that in a man!!) and he is family oriented. Plus, again I will say gotta adore a guy who risks his life to bring you shellfish. That's hot! Do you think he is sick of crab? Or, would it be ok for me to order that when we nosh?

7. Eleanor Roosevelt...What was she really thinking all those years when FDR was half-paralyzed and messing around with Lucy Mercer? I am dying to know. And she worked hard for the downtrodden, you have to respect that. If her personal life wasn't such a mess (and so conflicted) would she still have been like that? Or, was she trying to do what she could to ignore her personal life? Questions, questions...Plus, in this day and age an Invisiline would do wonders for her profile.

8. Dwayne "Dog" Chapman and Beth...Love Dog! He would have great stories and I am sure we'd get great service in whatever restaurant we chose. Who is gonna mess with the Big, Bad Dog?? Also, I would ask Beth why she has opted against reduction when they can certainly afford it these days. She is going to have major back problems, if she doesn't already.

9. Kelly Ripa...She is adorable and funny. She'd be fun and I'm sure she'd like me too. I'm nothing if not adorable. Maybe she'd even bring her hot hubby too.

10. David Letterman...I love his dry humor and it would be great to try and make him laugh. He is a smart guy and he would be fun to talk to. I have some questions...How does he really feel about Leno? How is his mom? (Remember years ago when she used to do the Olympic Games coverage for him? That was hysterical!) Does he really not like Oprah? (Because that was funny, IMHO.) and Is Paul really a freak in real life or does he just play one on tv?

So...I could probably think of more if I gave it some time. But these are off the top of my head so you are getting complete honesty here. Thoughts? Do you agree with any of my choices? Who would you have dinner with if you could pick anyone at all? Chime in...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cutting rose bushes...

How the heck do you do it? I have read about it online and it still doesn't make sense. I end up stabbed, bleeding and cursing. Today I have a swollen forearm (I'm calling it my Popeye arm) from being stabbed really good by one rogue thorn.

And the bushes don't look that much better...although I went through this last year and one of them came out pretty nicely and bloomed more that it had in years.

I make some of this stuff up as I go along...pruning would be one of them. I'm not that into gardening, can you tell? It goes into the category of "things I'd pay someone to do if I was rich"!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Six Word Saturday...

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My six words for today are:

My feet hurt but that's ok.

Never a dull moment...

Called out of school yesterday to go to Tom's school because he almost passed out in the office. Ambulance and everything! He was being all guy-like and everything but his boss and I decided to take over (lol) and had the (very cute) paramedics take him to the ER.

Many tests and a few hours later they found nothing but wanted him to stay overnight. My theory (based solely on my innate intelligence and knowing Tom since we were 18) is he didn't eat all morning, he had PT for his shoulder before school and worked out and basically he hasn't eaten well for weeks. He kind of agrees with me but he thinks it is wimpy diagnosis, lol.

So, that got me out of work for the afternoon but then we had about 50 phone calls, texts and emails inquiring whether he was alive or not. Lovely of everyone to care, but I feel like a broken record.

Part of our deal about leaving the hospital AMA (I've always wanted to do that-so dramatic!) was that he had to eat real food all weekend and no working, where should we go for dinner tonight?

Some of these "moments" are not dull, huh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Famous People Who Annoy Me...

Obviously it isn't nice to judge others...but really, where is the fun in always being nice? There is none...nice guys finish last. And I am not going to spout off about celebs that are easy to chastise, so don't worry. Anyone can criticize and dislike Lindsay, Paris or Amy Winehouse. I'm talking about other types of celebrities. And if you are a celebrity then you are out there and should be judged, right? So, let's do are MY opinions on some famous (or sometimes infamous) people:

1. Angelina Jolie...Child collector: She runs all over the globe for human rights, builds stuff in New Orleans and picks up stray kids along the way. That is all well and good..and she isn't bad looking. But seriously folks, are we REALLY over the fact that she married Billy Bob Thornton???? Really??

2. Ann Hathaway...Mouth like a horse and she draws attention to it by always wearing bright red lipstick. Admittedly, I did feel badly for her when that Italian playboy guy swindled people and left her in a lurch. But, she is still annoying. The only reason I don't use stronger language about her is that she was good in "Brokeback Mountain". I'll give her that, but that's it!

3. Ellen Pompeo...She is waaaaay too skinny. The first 2 seasons of Grey's was awesome and then the whole lot of 'em got caught up in being famous. I say pull a GH and blow up the damn hospital, but take the cast down too.

4. Tom Cruise...He is insane, right? He used to be normal. Although admit it, you wondered about "Cocktail". But his whole Scientology thing is creepy and deep down I DO think he is holding Katie hostage, don't you? And he must be pretty terrible that Nicole Kidman would essentially give up her kids to get away from him. When he went bonkers on Oprah, GMA and then went after Brooke Shields, I was done with him. Stick a fork in him.

5. David Schwimmer...A first class dweeb. "Friends" gave him some credit, but he was SUPPOSED to be a dweeb on that show. The show is over and he is still a DWEEB!

6. Bruce Sprinsteen...Don't get it, never will. He whines and mumbles. Tom does a killer impression of him that royally pisses off a few of our friends who are die-hard fans, cracks me up every time! ("And then my daddy got laid off at the mill, and we were all sad in our muscle car..." tee hee!!!) He was not a big deal at my high school. Seems to be pretty popular with my friends who went to Highland Park. Not a clue why...

7. Huey Lewis...I have mentioned him before. HATE HIM!!!! "I Want a New Drug" was the dumbest song on the face of the Earth. The air play it got killed me and then when he was featured in "Back to the Future" I wanted to punch someone in the face. Hate him...he reminds me of some moronic uncle trying to be cool.

8. All the Sex and the City wenches...Whores, all of them. Whiny, slutty, self-centered...that show made women look like idiots. It did NOT empower them or celebrate friendship. It made me cringe.

9. Lance Armstrong...Written about him too...annoys me. I'd like to poke a stick in his spokes and watch him fly down a ravine. There was an ad for some new cologne I smelled last week and I really liked it. Then I noticed it was Livestrong and I was PISSED. Also, he started that whole colored bracelet thing. It was a good idea at the time, I'll give him that. But now there are bracelets for everything under the sun...every cancer (which is important to be "against" but who can keep the colors all straight?), every abuse, every holiday and now they are cheapened by having Cubs, Bulls and every other team too. It loses its importance, you know?

10. Bobby Flay...Actually, I am getting a little over this one. And if he was the one cooking dinner, I'd eat it. But back in the "Iron Chef" hey-day he was a challenger and he was very pompous and rude. I didn't like that. Now, on the "American Iron Chef" show (which isn't even one millionth as good as the Japanese version, btw) he is ok...he has taken it down a notch. I might forgive him his past transgressions.

So, there are more celebs that annoys me...but these are off the top of my pretty, little head. And really, I am running out of ideas. It is the end of the school year folks and I am pretty darn busy.

But please, feel free to chime in: who annoys you??

Monday, May 18, 2009


It is so easy to judge others' and their parenting skills, isn't it? Case in point...the other night we went out with multiple other families after a sporting event. Some of the kids were completely obnoxious, so much so that I wanted to leave at times. My kids and few others were fine...they ate their pizza, they spoke to each other in normal voices, they did not pour hot sauce on each other or into others' drinks and they did not pound on the walls of the restaurant.

I mention the things above because those are things that some of the kids actually did. What moronic parents actually think that that type of behavior is ok?? I was floored! And then my husband got up, reminded the obnoxious, spoiled little brats that we were in a public place and they were making a mess for someone else to clean up. The parents of said brats just giggled, "Oh, thanks!" Huh??

Then the behavior continued so *I* got up and reprimanded a bunch of them and reminded them that I know they have better manners than this. I know this to be true because some of them go to my school. They shut up for a few minutes and one mom was like, "Oh, good thing we brought the teachers! Do you feel like you are at work? That is so nice that you think they can have better manners." Ha ha ha, huh? I looked at her and said, "Actually, they are driving me nuts, they don't act this way in school."
Amazing that these parents thought their kids were fine. I was embarrassed for them.

On the way home I told my kids how proud I was of their behavior and my older one said, "That's why I just sat at the grown up table after a while. Those kids were too loud." I also commended a few other of the boys at school today for acting like normal, well behaved kids.

Sheesh...un-fricking-believable!! Ok, rant over...return to your normally scheduled program. I'll be back tomorrow.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wordle: My Life Today
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Six Word Saturday....

Post about yourself or your life in only six words!

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My six words are:

Some people can't be trusted, unfortunately.

I don't wish to elaborate, because it will sound like sour grapes. But I know what I know and I wish I didn't. Let's just say that the stereotype of some Little League people being in it for less-than-altruistic reasons holds.

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's the weekend...

I'm at my favorite know, the one where the bartender knows my name, pours my wine when I walk in and I REALLY don't even know what wine it is. NO JOKE! Having an after dinner glass, some dessert and watching the bar tv with my wonderful husband...who is always great but even more so on a weekend when things are less stressful ;-).

We had a nice dinner, the kids only called once. And I didn't see too many school people. Oh, and I only had 2 work emails. Yes, I know I don't have to answer them, but if you read me regularly you know I'm anal and maniac and HAVE to check my email constantly.

So, I guess my point is: have a nice weekend all! I intend to...working on something funny for the start of the week...stay tuned!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Observations on Being Adopted

So, I was adopted. I've always known it and it was never a big deal in my family. It was all arranged privately before I was even born. My brother and sister are not adopted and my brother is only 7 months younger than I am. We used to like to confuse people with that fact as kids...some people are morons, they'd be like, "Are you twins?" Yeah Brainiac, we are twins born in August and March...sucked for Mom, and you shoulda seen the doctor bill...

Anyway, I have amassed some observations about this fact of my life. Some are good things, some are kind of not so great, and some are just, well, just facts...this doesn't really pertain to many other people so feel free to skip this Note if you are bored. I will continue though :-).

1. Being adopted does shorten some doctor visits. Basically, I have no medical history. I get to just write "Adopted" across the form and be done with it after I have filled in all the insurance stuff. Makes things go there's that.

2. At my age (41 for those of you counting) I have come to realize that no biological parent is going to step out of the shadows to meet me. And chances are that even one or both of my bio donors are deceased. I used to be curious (more about this later) but at this point in life I figure I am safe from some crazy woman who wants to claim me. Generally, one mother is enough for most of us, right? And now, if someone DID come to contact me, frankly my first reaction would be, "What organ do you need? Bone marrow? Kidney?" Because really, if someone wanted to find me they would have done so long, long ago.

3. I did used to be curious about my biological "parents". When I was really young I used to pretend that Cher was my mother! I'm not sure why, but I loved her hair and she always wore fun feathery, glittery costumes. I never considered Sonny my dad...but onward. Now, my curiosity is overshadowed by the realization that any bio relation would only seek me out to harvest parts of my body. And really, like I need one more name on my holiday card list? It's out of control as it is.

4. Sometimes I think about how different my life could have been...what if someone else had adopted me? What if no one did? (I know, right? Like who wouldn't want ME?? ;-)) But really, how freaky is that to consider that I could have grown up somewhere totally different, had different siblings, or none at all. Maybe I would have turned out to be some repressed, uptight shiksa...

5. My one remaining fantasy about bio donors finding me would be that some lawyer finds me, I'm the only relation left and I inherit a lovely sum of money. Now that would be cool! An inheritance without any grieving...nice. I'd pay off my car and the credit card bills.And then Tom and I would go to Hawaii, and I'd bring some of my friends too.

6. I did grow up feeling pretty "chosen". Actually, that was probably because my parents bought me a book called "The Chosen Baby" about a mom and dad and the baby they adopt. I thought it was pretty cool. I used to tell my siblings that Mom and Dad CHOSE me but that HAD to take them, lol.

7. All these "open" adoptions these days are freaky, in my opinion. I'm sure some people can make them work. But as a kid I think I would have felt very conflicted. I think I would have always felt that something more was expected of me emotionally with 2 sets of'd always feel like you were letting someone down.

8. When I was a kid I did worry about screwing up royally and how my parents would react. Would they be sorry they invested so much in me? Would they blame it on bad genes? Thankfully, all the really bad stuff I did I covered up well...

9. I never really got teased about being adopted as a kid...except by one obnoxious jerk in junior high. And I am fairly certain he is in some prison somewhere by this point. One kid (in all sincerity) did also once ask me if my parents found me in a garbage can. (And the answer is no...I was born in an actual hospital.)

10. Occasionally, especially when I was younger people would say I looked like my mom or dad and we would just smile and say, "Thank you!" Tee hee.

11. Sometimes I forget I'm adopted. Even I think that is weird! I'll forget about it and then something comes up and I go, "Oh yeah, I only actually know 2 people in this world that I am blood related sons." Kinda freaky.

12. I did sign up on some adoption finding website a bunch of years ago...nothing ever came of it and I am glad for that now. But who knows? It would serve me right to end up with some new crazy family members at this point in my life...because really, what are the chances of anyone I'm related to being completely sane? I know, nil, right?? Shit...

13. I don't understand adoptees who NEED to find their biological relations if they have lived a good life with family who love them. A family is the people who love you, blood or not. I have never felt that, "I'm not complete, something is missing," feeling that some adoptees talk about. I guess that is good, for me at least. I'm fine with the way things turned out in my life. That's a good thing.

14. Since I have had my own kids I do feel sad for the woman who gave me up (and not just because she missed out on knowing me, lol). I can't imagine giving up a baby. Wow...Glad she did though, it worked out for me. So, I guess "thanks", right?

So, there you have thoughts. You don't have to agree or have an opinion...Just some stuff I wanted to put out there because again, this is really all about me :-).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day...

All my life I wanted to be a mom. When I was little I never played Barbie dolls, I played with baby dolls. I named them, bathed them, fed them and had whole family fantasies going on in my head. I wanted LOTS of 6 or 7. There were usually boys and one girl in my little scenarios. Funny, the husband figure didn't play too big a part...glad that part didn't pan out. Tom's usually a keeper.

So fast forward...I have 2 sons. I get to go to many sporting events, like I always wanted. And one of them can usually be bribed to shop with me at I'm good. Everything people say is true...being a mom is all that hokey stuff: Having a piece of your heart outside your body; Feeling more love than you can imagine; Putting another first and foremost all the time...blah, blah, blah. It is true but when it is you and your kid, it doesn't usually seem hokey :-).

It took a lot for me to get pregnant the first time...and I'd do it all over again if I had to. It was worth it and I am thankful for the wonderful family I have. Of course, that doesn't mean that these two sniveling, little parasites don't deserve a good kick in the pants some days, because they do. But I will keep 'em. Being a mom puts things in it makes you think just a little differently about your own parents. I mean, they HAD to feel the same way about you, right? Even if they don't show it, even if they seem disappointed in some of your life choices, even if they have trouble expressing emotion.

When parents at school gets nutso I always try to remember that they feel about their annoying kid the same way I feel about mine (Oh, but mine aren't annoying, they are perfect...but you knew that, right?) This is why everyday is "Kids Day"...because generally, kids are put first by their parents. But it is only one specific day a year that minors are forced to think of Mom first. ;-)

When they get older and have their own kids, they will see...and they will appreciate. Just like we do now. It's a's a nice thing.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers...;-)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oy vey...

I am taking my lunch hour to sit in my classroom and watch the "sexual harassment" compliance training slide show. All employees must complete this and the Bloodborn Pathogens training. It is the same slide show every year, which is why I have it on and sit here blogging via my cell phone.

And no, I'm not learning HOW to sexually harass, I'm learning what it is. Did you know that if my boss told me I can have a promotion (which he can't because I am a teacher in a unionized district) if I sleep with him or her, that is illegal?? Wow, I had no idea...

Did you also know that if a friend tells me a dirty joke and someone else is offended, that is harassment? Gimme a break...that is under the category of "mind your own business you uptight prig". My friend is allowed to tell me a dirty joke if I'm ok with it and no one else is around, oh thanks.

And lol, the slide show just used the sentence, "Hey stud boy, show me your wild thang!" as an example of offensive public language. I love it that the speakers on my 4th grade classroom computer just blurted that out loud.

So, I'm missing my lunch to be "educated". You can all rest easy, I will not sexually harass you or anyone else. I get 100% on the test every year!! Your tax dollars hard at work...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stuff No One Told You About Parenting...

You can read the books (and most of us do before the first baby is born). You can watch your friends and family members with their kids...You can even be a teacher for several years (ahem!). But nothing prepares you for actual PARENTING. There are lots of things good and bad that you just don't "get" until you have a kid. For example:

1. You understand why lions sometimes eat their young: There are times when I feel real rage. I am so pissed off by their stupidity, their obliviousness or their eye rolling. You want to just yell, "Do you realize I had heartburn for 40 fricking weeks while I grew you in my body???? I couldn't even sleep laying down for the last 10 weeks???" Actually, once in complete frustration Tom yelled that at one of them. I had to remind him that it was ME who went through that...

2. You know what they are thinking and you don't want to: Especially at young ages you can read their minds. And when one of them is your temperament clone you know what they are thinking, good and bad, all the time-their worries, their fears and their evil plans. I can look at one of my kids and know what is coming next...sometimes before he even knows it. That sort of power is scary. Oh, and the OTHER one? I know what he is thinking all the time too...because I have been living with his temperament clone for the past 23 years.

3. You want to kill children that hurt them: There is still one child we just refer to as "the mean girl" in our house. She called my younger son fat and ugly on several occasions. It took everything I had to not trip her in the hall at school, the little witch. She moved away. Lucky for her ;-). He got over it way before *I* did.

4. You are forced to say ridiculous things: I wrote a whole note last fall on things I never thought I'd say. Most of them were parenting related. Although the best one ever was not mine, but a friend of mine who did actually once have to say, "Stop licking the shopping cart wheels!" Seriously, kids can be deranged and WE have to deal with it! I once did have to say, "You HAVE to learn to ride a bike. We named you Ryder for god's sakes!" Irony is often lost on 5 year olds.

5. The stretch marks do NOT go away no matter how much cocoa butter lotion you use.

6. You will not watch the videos you took of their babyhood or toddlerhood for many years: And then one day when you want to you will realize that you no longer own a working VCR. You're screwed.

7. Checking up on them and enabling them is a very hard habit to break: As an educator I know this is wrong. But it is virtually impossible to NOT bail out your kid (figuratively at this point, lol...I'm sure the literal will come later...Tom and I differ as to which kid will be first to need literal bailing out...I digress). But they have to learn lessons and tears are a part of that. The trick is to hold back your own until they are out of the room.

8. The left over food on their plates DOES add up: What?? I didn't eat anything today except a Lean Cuisine and a yogurt...oh, and 2 nuggets, the rest of the macaroni, a pancake and 3 Oreos...Hmmmm...Shit.

9. Not everyone will love your kid...I know, riiiight? How can someone NOT love my kid? But it happens. Someone will think he is obnoxious or rude or dumb or a show off or something. Then you are back to #3 and wanting to kill someone who has hurt them.

10. Saying no is the best thing sometimes: It hurts both of you at times but a kid who only hears "yes" ends up being spoiled, rude and pushy and doesn't think much about others' feelings. And no one wants to be responsible for raising the next Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan...or worse.

11. Homework sucks, even if you have a smart kid. Even if you are a teacher...especially if you are a teacher, because you can tell what is busy work and what isn't. Then you have to hold your tongue, lol.

There are plenty more, but these stand out in my mind. And really, some of them I would have believed before I had kids, but I wouldn't have understood the depth of it. I used to hate it when parents or other teachers would say to me, "You'll understand when you have children of your own." But, it is true. I do understand now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Is It Wrong....

...that I generally think people who disagree with me are wrong, stupid, vapid, ignorant or confused?

I know I am not always right...but don't ask me for advice or guidance and then be pissed that I have a different point of view. And really, I'm no shrinking violet (Why a violet, BTW? Do other flowers shrink too?), so I'm going to tell you how I feel and I am not going to back down. Deal with it.

Oh, and also, I can't solve everyone's problems nor do I want to. Sometimes people, you just have to fight your own battles. My "title" doesn't equate me with all the solutions. It does however, mean that I understand more about how things go around here (and by "here" I mean work and my home). Thus, I stand by the assertion that you're wrong if you don't agree with there.

Ok, rant over...I'm going to work out now.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Reunion

So we are on the way home from our college reunion in Madison, WI. And no, I'm not driving, Tom is. I might be able to text or talk while driving but I can't blog, lol.

Thoughts on the weekend? Well, my first thought at the cocktail party last night was, "Who the hell are these people?" Because honestly, the people I keep in touch with from college I see very regularly. So, with the exception of Tom's freshman year roommate (and it was GREAT to see him!) Most everyone looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place most of them if I had a flaming crock of beer-cheese soup aimed at my head. Really, most of the women there I may have seen last week at Whole Foods, or not since 1989, I have no idea.

We left the cocktail party and went for Mexican food (not bad, the cheese was fresh) and then the Mexican place turned into some freaky laser, seizure inducing disco near the end of the meal. We met up with my former roommate who I still talk to all the time and then tried to find some place for dessert. So, right before midnight on a Saturday night in a college town/state capital, shouldn't one be able to find some damn ice cream? You'd think, "yes", right? Well, you'd be WRONG! We ended up buying pints of Ben & Jerry's and eating them in the hotel room, lol.

It was great to be in Madison, though. Lee, the liquor store owner across from Tom's old house remembered him (fairly certain that Tom and his roommates paid for her store expansion in the late '80s). Took lots of pictures, which are all on my Facebook page...and OMG, the Rocky Rococo's is now a Starbuck's, so flipping sad! We ate at the Brat House (which isn't called that anymore and now has HD tv), bought the kids Badger shirts and crap like that and ate Nepali food for lunch...all appropriately crunchy, granola-loving Madison things to do.

Did I feel old? Not really! Ok, well maybe when that college boy came barreling out of Pizzeria Uno and barfed all over the sidewalk and not one single person even flinched.

Ahhh, college!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Six Word Saturday

I'm participating in "Six Word Saturday"...describe you or something or something in your life in six words (it keeps some of us from rambling on and on and on....) I joined in from the blog "Show My Face"

Six Words: Off to my college reunion today!

Talk to you later...when I will hopefully have fun news and updates from my UW 20 Year Reunion....eee gads, how did THAT happen??

Friday, May 1, 2009

The Final Answer...

So, the mean baseball empire broke my baby's heart and he did not make the travel team. His poor face when I told him just crumpled.

However, on the bright side for our family...we save hundreds of dollars, we can go on our trip to Disney World in July as planned and I don't have to sit at baseball games 5 or 6 days a week all summer.
And dinner from McDonald's cheered him up pretty quickly. I love that kid...their loss.