Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oy vey...

I am taking my lunch hour to sit in my classroom and watch the "sexual harassment" compliance training slide show. All employees must complete this and the Bloodborn Pathogens training. It is the same slide show every year, which is why I have it on and sit here blogging via my cell phone.

And no, I'm not learning HOW to sexually harass, I'm learning what it is. Did you know that if my boss told me I can have a promotion (which he can't because I am a teacher in a unionized district) if I sleep with him or her, that is illegal?? Wow, I had no idea...

Did you also know that if a friend tells me a dirty joke and someone else is offended, that is harassment? Gimme a break...that is under the category of "mind your own business you uptight prig". My friend is allowed to tell me a dirty joke if I'm ok with it and no one else is around, oh thanks.

And lol, the slide show just used the sentence, "Hey stud boy, show me your wild thang!" as an example of offensive public language. I love it that the speakers on my 4th grade classroom computer just blurted that out loud.

So, I'm missing my lunch to be "educated". You can all rest easy, I will not sexually harass you or anyone else. I get 100% on the test every year!! Your tax dollars hard at work...

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  1. I wonder if this would be considered 'sexual harassment'?

    "Hey wild thang, show me your boy, stud"


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