Sunday, May 3, 2009

Post Reunion

So we are on the way home from our college reunion in Madison, WI. And no, I'm not driving, Tom is. I might be able to text or talk while driving but I can't blog, lol.

Thoughts on the weekend? Well, my first thought at the cocktail party last night was, "Who the hell are these people?" Because honestly, the people I keep in touch with from college I see very regularly. So, with the exception of Tom's freshman year roommate (and it was GREAT to see him!) Most everyone looked vaguely familiar but I couldn't place most of them if I had a flaming crock of beer-cheese soup aimed at my head. Really, most of the women there I may have seen last week at Whole Foods, or not since 1989, I have no idea.

We left the cocktail party and went for Mexican food (not bad, the cheese was fresh) and then the Mexican place turned into some freaky laser, seizure inducing disco near the end of the meal. We met up with my former roommate who I still talk to all the time and then tried to find some place for dessert. So, right before midnight on a Saturday night in a college town/state capital, shouldn't one be able to find some damn ice cream? You'd think, "yes", right? Well, you'd be WRONG! We ended up buying pints of Ben & Jerry's and eating them in the hotel room, lol.

It was great to be in Madison, though. Lee, the liquor store owner across from Tom's old house remembered him (fairly certain that Tom and his roommates paid for her store expansion in the late '80s). Took lots of pictures, which are all on my Facebook page...and OMG, the Rocky Rococo's is now a Starbuck's, so flipping sad! We ate at the Brat House (which isn't called that anymore and now has HD tv), bought the kids Badger shirts and crap like that and ate Nepali food for lunch...all appropriately crunchy, granola-loving Madison things to do.

Did I feel old? Not really! Ok, well maybe when that college boy came barreling out of Pizzeria Uno and barfed all over the sidewalk and not one single person even flinched.

Ahhh, college!

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