Monday, May 18, 2009


It is so easy to judge others' and their parenting skills, isn't it? Case in point...the other night we went out with multiple other families after a sporting event. Some of the kids were completely obnoxious, so much so that I wanted to leave at times. My kids and few others were fine...they ate their pizza, they spoke to each other in normal voices, they did not pour hot sauce on each other or into others' drinks and they did not pound on the walls of the restaurant.

I mention the things above because those are things that some of the kids actually did. What moronic parents actually think that that type of behavior is ok?? I was floored! And then my husband got up, reminded the obnoxious, spoiled little brats that we were in a public place and they were making a mess for someone else to clean up. The parents of said brats just giggled, "Oh, thanks!" Huh??

Then the behavior continued so *I* got up and reprimanded a bunch of them and reminded them that I know they have better manners than this. I know this to be true because some of them go to my school. They shut up for a few minutes and one mom was like, "Oh, good thing we brought the teachers! Do you feel like you are at work? That is so nice that you think they can have better manners." Ha ha ha, huh? I looked at her and said, "Actually, they are driving me nuts, they don't act this way in school."
Amazing that these parents thought their kids were fine. I was embarrassed for them.

On the way home I told my kids how proud I was of their behavior and my older one said, "That's why I just sat at the grown up table after a while. Those kids were too loud." I also commended a few other of the boys at school today for acting like normal, well behaved kids.

Sheesh...un-fricking-believable!! Ok, rant over...return to your normally scheduled program. I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. Children/kids only do what they are allowed to do (i.e. misbehave, disobey, etc).

    The stories I could share of how I've 'intervened' in public when parents who have no spine 'allow' their children...

    I'm the kind of dude that will hope the parents will feel 'froggy' and JUMP...when I bring order to their children. So far, it seems they are just wanting someone else to do THEIR job for them. Sad, and unacceptable.

    Btw, you have one of the best blogs to read, regardless of what "things appear to be". ;)

  2. Well, thanks for the compliment Blase...and you are completely correct: children will go as far as they are allowed.

    Which is why they do not act like that in my classroom!!


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