Monday, May 4, 2009

Is It Wrong....

...that I generally think people who disagree with me are wrong, stupid, vapid, ignorant or confused?

I know I am not always right...but don't ask me for advice or guidance and then be pissed that I have a different point of view. And really, I'm no shrinking violet (Why a violet, BTW? Do other flowers shrink too?), so I'm going to tell you how I feel and I am not going to back down. Deal with it.

Oh, and also, I can't solve everyone's problems nor do I want to. Sometimes people, you just have to fight your own battles. My "title" doesn't equate me with all the solutions. It does however, mean that I understand more about how things go around here (and by "here" I mean work and my home). Thus, I stand by the assertion that you're wrong if you don't agree with there.

Ok, rant over...I'm going to work out now.


  1. Subway, Mickey D's, and the Health heros. Tonight, is Bicep night.

    I think I'll try out that experiment of yours regarding 'AdSense'...

  2. Ames, even my dd at age 13 has figured out that most people are stupid...


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