Saturday, May 30, 2009

Six Word Saturday

Courtesy of Cate at Show My Face

My six words for today are: Get the small portion, it's enough.


  1. I was waffling at the restaurant between the large and small plate...the waitress suggested the small (Now that I think about it...hmmm, WHY?? Do I look like I need the smaller portion?) But, turns out, she was right. It was juuuuust right!

  2. My Six Words- "Please, Shut the Flying F*ck Up"

    ..SB is yapping at me as I'm on the computer.

  3. I usually order the smaller portion if it's available. Glad your portion was just right and thanks for playing!

  4. YES!!! Awesome 6 words needed in today's over-eating world. ~Hugs, HL


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