Tuesday, May 26, 2009

People I'd Have Dinner With....Or Famous People Who Don't Annoy Me

So, I know this is a game of sorts...name 3 people you'd like to be stuck with on a island or 3 people you'd have dinner with, blah, blah, blah. But surprisingly, I have given this some thought. And the rules are mine...people can be living or dead and obviously the definition of "famous" is entirely MINE:

1. JFK...I have a thing for him. Check out my Shelfari page...I've read about 30 books about him. If I could have dinner with him it would trump the fact that I can't answer the question, "Where were you when JFK was shot?"

2. Bill Clinton...Love Bill. I know he has very male/egocentric tendencies. But still, I think he'd be fun to hang with. He knows stuff and people and all that. Then maybe after dinner he can jam with Tom's band. Cool!

3. Hillary Clinton...Yep, her too. But I think I'd dine with her separately from Bill. I don't want to feel left out or anything. She seems smart, and she knows people too. I would want to know what she REALLY thinks about Barack. Do you think she is over that already? I think she might be because clearly, she is fine with forgiving men who humiliate her in public as long as she gets something out of the deal. Some might call that door-mat like...I call it self-preservation.

4. Finola Hughes...I am in love with her. The woman I'd switch sides for, really. But I'd want her to pretend to be Anna Devane for part of dinner. Anna can kick 3 guys' asses, solve a crime and look great...all in high heeled boots! She is beautiful and tough. If you don't know who she is, Google her...she has lost some weight lately though. She was a bit hotter when she was curvier back in the GH hey-days.

5. Nora Roberts...How does she write ALL those romance novels every year? She can't possibly do it all alone, although that's her story and she is sticking to it, right? But she does write fab-o romance entertainment. She has got it all in her books...some suspense, some women who are tough, but not bitchy, men who are just sensitive enough but not wussy, hot sex scenes and enough action but not too much so that it distracts from the sex. I would however, help her come up with some new names...I have noticed that she reuses some.

6. Sig Hansen...Everyone knows I love Sig (although I was a bit disappointed that he refused to help Keith with his bait problem recently). He is street (or sea, lol) smart, but not book stupid. He is a planner (love that in a man!!) and he is family oriented. Plus, again I will say it...you gotta adore a guy who risks his life to bring you shellfish. That's hot! Do you think he is sick of crab? Or, would it be ok for me to order that when we nosh?

7. Eleanor Roosevelt...What was she really thinking all those years when FDR was half-paralyzed and messing around with Lucy Mercer? I am dying to know. And she worked hard for the downtrodden, you have to respect that. If her personal life wasn't such a mess (and so conflicted) would she still have been like that? Or, was she trying to do what she could to ignore her personal life? Questions, questions...Plus, in this day and age an Invisiline would do wonders for her profile.

8. Dwayne "Dog" Chapman and Beth...Love Dog! He would have great stories and I am sure we'd get great service in whatever restaurant we chose. Who is gonna mess with the Big, Bad Dog?? Also, I would ask Beth why she has opted against reduction when they can certainly afford it these days. She is going to have major back problems, if she doesn't already.

9. Kelly Ripa...She is adorable and funny. She'd be fun and I'm sure she'd like me too. I'm nothing if not adorable. Maybe she'd even bring her hot hubby too.

10. David Letterman...I love his dry humor and it would be great to try and make him laugh. He is a smart guy and he would be fun to talk to. I have some questions...How does he really feel about Leno? How is his mom? (Remember years ago when she used to do the Olympic Games coverage for him? That was hysterical!) Does he really not like Oprah? (Because that was funny, IMHO.) and Is Paul really a freak in real life or does he just play one on tv?

So...I could probably think of more if I gave it some time. But these are off the top of my head so you are getting complete honesty here. Thoughts? Do you agree with any of my choices? Who would you have dinner with if you could pick anyone at all? Chime in...


  1. OMG! Kelly Ripa...please let me know when you meet with her because I would like to come along.....NOT. I think I'm getting sick. LMAO

    Raquel Welch- If I could just get her to gaze into my eyes...I'm sure I'd have her in the palms of my hands within ten minutes. Better later than never. I'm sorry, but I'd kiss her right on the mouth and let SB watch...

    Farrah Fawcett- I'd like to hug her before she goes...

    Bill Clinton- but I'd feel kind of weird if he were to offer me a cigar

    Stephen King- I'd like to see if I could make him laugh

    Sarah Jessica Parker- Just to see if her face appears any smaller in person. I do think her eyes are gorgeous,though. I would ask her just what did she see in her husband that made her want to marry him.

    I'm not doing too good with this game, am I??

  2. Blase...LOL...last week when you listed Kelly Ripa as a celeb that you dislike I laughed, knowing she was going to be on my "like" list. We go way back since her All My Children days where she got her start...she was a funny teenager and I just like her. Andlike I said, her hubby is hubba-hubba!!

    I also wonder why Sarah Jessica married Matthew Broderick, him being gay and all I find it interesting...although she was on my last list. I HATED that tv show with a passion. Ri-goddamn-diculous.

    And you did fine with the game....the rules are very bendy when I'm in charge. ;-)

  3. "her hubby is hubba-hubba"...psft, I could teach the kid a thing or two...

    Being 'gay' is such a fad nowadays, isn't it?

    I sure do like it when YOU are "in charge"...WHOOOooo!!!!


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