Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Famous People Who Annoy Me...

Obviously it isn't nice to judge others...but really, where is the fun in always being nice? There is none...nice guys finish last. And I am not going to spout off about celebs that are easy to chastise, so don't worry. Anyone can criticize and dislike Lindsay, Paris or Amy Winehouse. I'm talking about other types of celebrities. And if you are a celebrity then you are out there and should be judged, right? So, let's do that...here are MY opinions on some famous (or sometimes infamous) people:

1. Angelina Jolie...Child collector: She runs all over the globe for human rights, builds stuff in New Orleans and picks up stray kids along the way. That is all well and good..and she isn't bad looking. But seriously folks, are we REALLY over the fact that she married Billy Bob Thornton???? Really??

2. Ann Hathaway...Mouth like a horse and she draws attention to it by always wearing bright red lipstick. Admittedly, I did feel badly for her when that Italian playboy guy swindled people and left her in a lurch. But, she is still annoying. The only reason I don't use stronger language about her is that she was good in "Brokeback Mountain". I'll give her that, but that's it!

3. Ellen Pompeo...She is waaaaay too skinny. The first 2 seasons of Grey's was awesome and then the whole lot of 'em got caught up in being famous. I say pull a GH and blow up the damn hospital, but take the cast down too.

4. Tom Cruise...He is insane, right? He used to be normal. Although admit it, you wondered about "Cocktail". But his whole Scientology thing is creepy and deep down I DO think he is holding Katie hostage, don't you? And he must be pretty terrible that Nicole Kidman would essentially give up her kids to get away from him. When he went bonkers on Oprah, GMA and then went after Brooke Shields, I was done with him. Stick a fork in him.

5. David Schwimmer...A first class dweeb. "Friends" gave him some credit, but he was SUPPOSED to be a dweeb on that show. The show is over and he is still a DWEEB!

6. Bruce Sprinsteen...Don't get it, never will. He whines and mumbles. Tom does a killer impression of him that royally pisses off a few of our friends who are die-hard fans, cracks me up every time! ("And then my daddy got laid off at the mill, and we were all sad in our muscle car..." tee hee!!!) He was not a big deal at my high school. Seems to be pretty popular with my friends who went to Highland Park. Not a clue why...

7. Huey Lewis...I have mentioned him before. HATE HIM!!!! "I Want a New Drug" was the dumbest song on the face of the Earth. The air play it got killed me and then when he was featured in "Back to the Future" I wanted to punch someone in the face. Hate him...he reminds me of some moronic uncle trying to be cool.

8. All the Sex and the City wenches...Whores, all of them. Whiny, slutty, self-centered...that show made women look like idiots. It did NOT empower them or celebrate friendship. It made me cringe.

9. Lance Armstrong...Written about him too...annoys me. I'd like to poke a stick in his spokes and watch him fly down a ravine. There was an ad for some new cologne I smelled last week and I really liked it. Then I noticed it was Livestrong and I was PISSED. Also, he started that whole colored bracelet thing. It was a good idea at the time, I'll give him that. But now there are bracelets for everything under the sun...every cancer (which is important to be "against" but who can keep the colors all straight?), every abuse, every holiday and now they are cheapened by having Cubs, Bulls and every other team too. It loses its importance, you know?

10. Bobby Flay...Actually, I am getting a little over this one. And if he was the one cooking dinner, I'd eat it. But back in the "Iron Chef" hey-day he was a challenger and he was very pompous and rude. I didn't like that. Now, on the "American Iron Chef" show (which isn't even one millionth as good as the Japanese version, btw) he is ok...he has taken it down a notch. I might forgive him his past transgressions.

So, there are more celebs that annoys me...but these are off the top of my pretty, little head. And really, I am running out of ideas. It is the end of the school year folks and I am pretty darn busy.

But please, feel free to chime in: who annoys you??


  1. 'Sex and the City' AND 'Desperate Housewives' have done grave damage to women. Sadly, too many women kept them in the ratings. I've never seen an entire episode.

    Tom Cruise is an Air-Head. Always has been.

    Kelly Ripa...
    Sickening to my stomach. Spoiled Attention Whore. I'll bet my left____ that her husband is____whipped. Count on it.

  2. Pretty much agree with all of your choices. I would throw in (and I could probably throw her with one arm) Victoria Beckham and, while we're at it, her husband too.


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