Saturday, May 30, 2009

I Don't Look That Old...

But apparently my body has other ideas. Over the past few years various weird ailments (none critical or deadly) have befallen me. Some I will not bore you with lest I be accused of TMI. But here is just a little list of the weirdness that is me RIGHT fricking NOW!!

1. I have a cyst on my wrist...which sound kind of fun if you say it quickly. But it isn't. It is annoying and if I bend my wrist back and put pressure on it (like if I were being forced to do push-ups at aerobics class or something) it hurts. I had one of these a bunch of years ago after one pregnancy and it went away. So, I am going with the "wait and see" approach. Plus 2 doctors (an internist on my aerobics class and my dad, a retired neurosurgeon) told me to ignore it. I like that advice.

2. I have blepharitis. Google is a VERY annoying eye/skin thing that is not contagious. It is annoying, did I mention that? I makes me look like I have pink eye shadow on and my eyelids get puffy. I have this steroid cream I can only use for 2 weeks at a time because the side effect is glaucoma (WTF? The side effect is worse that the condition!) It is chronic so it is supposed to come and go, but for the past 2 months it has not gone at all. I am not supposed to wear make-up and I think that is dumb, so perhaps that is exacerbating the problem. But my eyelids are all 'roided up, they can kick your ass. Whatever...

3. Allergies...spring time crap.

4. I still have this stupid swollen forearm from pruning the rose bushes last weekend. I was hoping it would be gone by now. It is smaller, so I don't look exactly like Popeye anymore. At least I got that going for me.

5. I keep getting woken up at night with a cramp in my left leg. Aren't I supposed to eat more bananas or something for that?

Stuff like this did not happen when I was in my 30's. Is there someplace I can file a grievance or something?


  1. I can't do pushups and things of that nature because of my Tendonitis and arthritis in my wrist. I've had surgery on both. I'm not much on 'free weights' anymore, just the machines.

    Your gets worse. Isn't Life just sweeeet?

    Your 'eye-lid' thingy....actually it sounds kind of sexy. AND you don't look "that old" look HOT as HELL, imho.

    Oh yeah, our Governer of NC has proposed wage decrease for our Teachers by 10%. I say all Teachers unite and stay home...I bet THEN the government will pay what you should be getting. Sickening.

    I've responded to your comments on my blog..

  2. A 10% decrease?? Wow, looks like IL isn't the only state that doesn't value education.

    And now in the world of AdSense humor I have an ad for my eye condition. I can't click on my own ads, right? Hmmm...

  3. about AdSense...

    You may have not noticed, but I removed it from my Blog. I checked my current "earnings"...and I made 7cents. It's BS, imho.


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