Monday, June 1, 2009

The media should be flogged....

The way they went all kaflooey and psycho about, excuse me H1N1 Flu!! Absolutely INSANE!!

Here is the fall out that has personally affected yours truly due to this unnecessary hysteria:

1. Every time some kid sneezes or coughs or whines in school now they pretty much get sent home. At the end of the school year when I am trying to finish things up, assess for end of the year exits and maybe, just MAYBE have a fun bonding moment with the best class I've had in over a decade I never have a full fricking class!! SUCKS!

2. Parents went insane about cleanliness, which cracks me up all the time. Do they REALLY think their kids wash their hands multiple times a day at school? Ri-goddamn-diculous! Of course they do not! And if I took the whole class 2 or 3 times a day to the washroom to wash their hands do you know how much instructional time I'd lose? Plus, too much cleanliness reduces my body's chances to build immunity.

3. The administration came to realize that having Clorox wipes and other antibacterial products in the classroom to keep clean is apparently ILLEGAL. Huh? And WTF? Yep, you read that right, ILLEGAL as in not legal, as in against the law. They are toxic and not "green". As my son said, "What do they think? We are gonna suck on the wipes?" So...we had to get rid of all the wipes etc...that we have kids bring every fall to offset the fact that most classrooms don't have hot water (don't ask) and our paper towels are the product of "low bid" and don't actually absorb. (When there is a big spill I use Kleenex.)

So, no wipes....I have quite a stash in my car...anyone interested?
4. Any kid who goes home from school with flu-like symptoms has to stay home for 7 full days. That is a horrid waste of time, and I mean everyone's time. My niece is home on day 5 now and my sister is ready to kill someone. I don't blame her.

5. Did I mention I no longer have Clorox wipes in my room to clean up marker marks, spilled aquarium fish poop water or anything else?? I find this more offensive than "toxic".

That is all off the top of my head...I am sick of hearing this hysteria. It is over, the media overreacted and caused complete chaos. I love Mexico, been there several times. It is lovely...but let's face it, the medical care ain't the best in some places. They reacted poorly to the beginnings of this flu. And I am paying the price.

I hate it when world events screw with my daily life.


  1. ILLEGAL?!
    Good Lord...

    I suppose baby wipes might be a half way decent alternatives (those can't possibly be illegal, right?)

    I was reading your previous post too and I have to mention this product to you.

    Bare Essensuals.

    This stuff, is...basically smashing rocks into your face, but hell if it doesn't do a great job of covering!

    It's expensive, but the starter kit lasted me over a YEAR. Not bad for $60, I suppose. It's very, very light. It couldn't look more natural either.

    I have an olive complexion, so I use the medium. The light is too light for me, even without sun during the winter. The mineral veil kicks ass. It adds such a nice even sheen and locks in the blush they give you.

    About the blush... I have a tiny vial of it and you literally use all of three to five sprinkles each time and that's ALL that's necessary.

    That tiny vial will last me until I'm dead and possibly the next three generations.

    Good stuff.

    I'd be shocked if it doesn't cover your eyelids.

  2. Oh... and I would look at ebay too. I bought a replacement foundation there after a year and got one for $12.00.

    Well worth it.

  3. Razors...thanks for the Sephora link. There is one right by me. I will check it out next time I am at the mall!

    And um, yes, baby wipes are illegal too. Don't ask. It's so stupid that it is comical.


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