Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation count down...

Next month the family (me, husband and two sons) will be traveling to the land of dreams and wishes...yes, Disney World. I have never been there and I have been researching furiously in my eternal quest to maintain CONTROL. We will be driving (too expensive to fly). I think that will be fine once the drugs kick in...for the kids of course ;-).

So, here is my quandary. I have to plan some things, but not over plan, right? I mean someone has to know what is going on and that someone is ME. The children didn't sign up for that and the husband isn't a "small detail" type (which is why we compliment each other so well, btw).

Things I have looked up online about Disney already:

1. Internet access (of course!)...bring a cable and pay $9.95/24 hours and you are online (phew!!)

2. doing laundry there...yep, you can! $2 per load to wash and $2 to dry if you use their machines. You can also send it out for same day service but that is supposedly expensive.

3. dinner reservations for 3 of our 5 nights...I picked BBQ, Italian and a steak place.

4. stuff to do at Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom...there is too much so this is where the communication breakdown between my planning and the other 3's desires will occur.

5. Typhoon Lagoon...some massive water park there that older son wants to go to. Don't know when we will fit it in!!

6. meals...bought a meal plan for breakfast and lunch. Cost effective and I am nothing if not effective.

7. now I am researching a new backpack to buy...not sure my fab-o purses will serve the same purpose as a good old Jansport backpack (take THAT AdSense!).

I still have to get to AAA to plan our driving route and figure out where we will stop that is a little more than half way. That part seems stressful but I guess my 20 years of AAA membership should start working for me, huh?

Wish me luck...I know more will come to mind and I will be making more lists, researching more and having many more questions. Vacations are just so relaxing ;-).

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