Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vent of the day...

It is a beautiful sunny day. I spent the day at a soccer tournament with older son and his very nice teammates and their parents. I got some sun, stepped in some mud, ate some fruit and enjoyed myself.

I'm going out to my fav restaurant with the spousal unit that is very nice.

Why vent? Well, thank you for asking. I got younger son's baseball schedule for summer and his team has games scheduled for the evening of July 3rd and noon on July 4th. WTF??? Not only is it a holiday weekend, but games on BOTH days? What's more, the game on the 4th is right at noon which is when the super-fabulous-family tradition inspiring town parade begins. So the little league schedules baseball games so that 8 and 9 year olds can't go to the town parade and families have to split up since I'm not making the other son miss the parade?? I know my sentences are running on, but I'm PISSED off. I love 4th of July. We have family/friend traditions that will have to go down the tubes this year.

I know, I know....spaz down. And I will get over it...The husband will go to one game with the kid and I will go to the other game. One of us misses the traditional BBQ with all our friends and their families and one of us misses the parade. My kid misses both and we don't get to be together as a family. Annoying, but again, I know, partially my fault for signing the kid up for baseball.

The kicker? My older son who plays in the next baseball league up has NO games that weekend because as his coach said, "Its a holiday weekend for families." Thank you very much...I like that coach better ;-).

Ok, vent over. I have to go get dolled up for dinner. A drink may do me well...


  1. Skip the game and take the whole family to the BBQ. You should do what works best for the family. I'm sure skipping one game won't be disastrous - unless the coach or league is insisting or threatening if they miss. Go the parade, the BBQ and skip the game. Will anyone (in the family) be unhappy with this scenario?

  2. If your son were playing in High School sports and he had the talent to "move up" in the future, I'd say respect that over the BBQ. But, since this is just little league, and if he doesn't mind missing...go to the parade. What do the boys prefer?

  3. Well, my kids wants to play baseball...and frankly, if the rest of the team is coming I am not going to do let them down. I am a firm believer in committments. You sign up, they count on you, you play.

    I just had to get it off my chest. I feel better now, lol...


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