Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

There are a lot of things I will admit to, and some that I probably shouldn't. I'm going to come clean now on some of them. But remember this is MY list. You can disagree, but no judging! Only *I* can judge on my page ;-). So here are some things I like, enjoy or take part in but would not admit to just anyone, until now:

1. 80's hair bands and their ballads...Nothing more enticing than Poison or Warrant singing a love song. I could listen to them forever in my car, singing my little tone-deaf heart out. Seriously, "Heaven" is just that. I defy you to NOT sing along. And if you can honestly tell me that "Every Rose Has its Thorn" or "Something to Believe In", didn't do it for you in high school (or college maybe), you were a wannabe who was busy with the Dead and their whole bandwagon. Not that I'm judging...

2. Twinkies and Ding Dongs...They take me back to childhood. I used to have one in my lunch everyday, back in the day when kids just ate yummy stuff and didn't have to have healthy junk shoved down their gullets. Hostess cakes still taste as good, but I swear they are smaller than they used to be!!

3. Soap operas...I love soaps and I am not afraid to quote them! Adventure, romance, fashion and too much plastic surgery. I love the fact that some of these people have been on my tv since I was in junior high. I love it when the new writers screw up and rewrite history that I lived through with the people of Port Charles or Llanview. I love that Tom still remembers how we scheduled classes around One Life To Live the first couple years of college. Mostly now it is General Hospital and One Life to Live. I gave up All My Children years ago, but I can still tune in a be kind of up to date a few times a year. Soaps are the epitome of guilty pleasures because it is all so fake. From the relationships to the stolen babies to the rampant mobsters, that crap ain't real! But the people are pretty and the romance is overboard fabulous. You can't beat it!

4. Sitcoms...I do not care that they are "mindless and insipid". I think that people who act all high and mighty and criticize sitcoms are just afraid that after all this time of looking down their noses at them they might actually LAUGH if they watched one. They are funny...if you can watch a whole episode of "Two and a Half Men" and not laugh there is clearly something wrong with you (Brian V!!). There is nothing like classic Fraiser or Will & Grace episodes either. Hysterical.

5. Frozen pizza...I love most of it...especially ones that taste like good old-fashioned cafeteria pizza. It doesn't mean I don't like REAL pizza, it just means I appreciate both kinds. I can go both ways, you know? And what ever happened to John's pizza? Remember those? They were small and came three to a box. We used to eat them after school. I miss those.

6. Romance novels...I love them...Nora Roberts, Linda Miller, Catherine Coulter. My favorites are what my friends and I affectionately call "prairie sex" novels. Those are old west romance novels. You have to kind of suspend belief about how horribly those people all smelled and just go with the rugged romance. Very hot.

There are other things in life that are pleasures...but most of the above would be things that some of you would be all "are you serious?" about. But everyone has SOMETHING they like that fits in that category. If you say you don't you are either lying (shame, shame!) or BORING. Seriously, have some depth people...and share it with the rest of us. Let us be the judge ;-).


  1. Me and SB saw Poison in Raleigh a few years ago. He sang like he had a "thorn" up his ass. Just kidding, had to be witty.

    My guilty pleasures??....they all have to do with sex. I'm so ashamed.

    I heard a rumor about you over at my Blog...

  2. Amy,

    Oh, yeah - I love eighties hair bands. Cinderella singing "Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone"'s a bit of a mouthful, but a dreamy mouthful at that!

    And if you love old west romances, you've got to read RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN by Elaine Levine. In the spirit of full disclosure, Elaine is a friend of mine, but I'd have loved this book even if she were my mortal enemy. It was great! And I'm not usually a fan of western romances. Even better? RACHEL AND THE HIRED GUN is part of a series called "The Men of Defiance". The second book is coming out in early 2010. It's called AUDREY AND THE MAVERICK.

    Enjoyed your list and glad I found you through Google Alerts. I hope to stop back in from time to time! Until then, have fun.


  3. Tiffany...thanks for the romance rec! I'm always looking for new writers. I tend to move thru them quickly, lol! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Blas...if you and your partner are both consenting, nothing to feel guilty about ;-).

  5. I love soaps, too, and proudly admit it, no matter how uncool it is. I've been watching Guiding Light for 31 years--that's a lot of time on the couch! I'm in total denial about the show being cancelled. Just can't go there.

  6. are we related?

    I'm just sayin'.


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