Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brady Bunch Trivia!!

Enter at your own risk. I love the Bradys. They rock. I have read their books and have seen every episode, movie, special, variety show and spin off. The prize here is my eternal admiration. Go!

1. What is the name of the cat that Bobby is attempting to save when he is safety monitor and goes into the abandoned building?

2. What actress does Bobby see fireworks with when he kisses her? Bonus: What illness does he worry about getting from her? (And get your mind out of the gutter, this is Bradyland!)

3. Why did Jan flip out when she found a childhood picture of Aunt Jenny?

4. Who did Bobby get locked in Sam's meat freezer with?

5. Ok, here is an easy one...What was the name of the Brady kids singing group on the talent show they entered? Why did they enter it?

6. Who played the old prospector that imprisoned the Brady's in the ghost town on their way to the Grand Canyon?

7. On the famous Grand Canyon special...what did Bobby and Cindy hide in their flashlight?

8. Same special: What Native American name did Peter get that he did not like?

9. What was Peter's name when he pretended to be an older high school student so he could double date with Greg?

10. What did the boys put in the girls' sleeping bags during Marcia's sleepover (the one that she almost didn't have when she was falsely accused of "doodling Mrs. Denton").

11. Name 4 famous (for the time, lol) people who guest starred on "The Brady Bunch".

12. In subsequent Brady Movie specials when Bobby was a race car driver, who played his wife?

13. Bonus question: Which Brady brother would I date?

14. Bonus, bonus question: What feature did the first home Tom and I owned have that was ever so "Brady-like"?? you feel lucky, punk? Do ya?? Answer away!


  1. was there a brady bunch episode where either jan or marcia's teacher ate her lunch because she couldn't find a short cut at school?

  2. Hi Anon...thanks for stopping by!

    Wow, I can't think of an episode like that. I even just skimmed my BB reference book and couldn't find anything. Good question!!


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