Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I live with my husband and 2 sons. I understand my husband, but it took time. We've been together 24 years this fall. As for the children though, I am occasionally confused, confounded and confuzzled by their behavior....Why, oh why do they:

1. Not care how dirty and smelly they are?

2. Not look when they pee? (And yes, I do look before I sit, but still...)

3. Refuse to use napkins...shirts are not for facial crumbs.

4. (Regarding my older son) Have nothing to say on the telephone but text constantly? And yes, KW, I realize you will blame me for this habit. But he doesn't drive, he's only 11. ;-)

5. Not hear anything I ask them in the morning but can retain the sports scores from the night before while eating cereal and watching SportsCenter?

6. Like to shoot things in video games? I find this boring.

7. Say there is nothing to eat and then take 4 boxes of things down to the basement?

8. Refuse to put clothes in the laundry basket?

Ok, I know there are easy reasons for these things like, "Because Mom will do it," or, "Because they don't care and they aren't really hurting anyone." And really, I choose happiness...I'm just wondering.


  1. Watch "HOME IMPROVEMENT" Men are pigs. We put on a good show in the beginning. But we revert to our nature in time. Sorry it's just us. Your situation is not totally unique. Except for the smelly part. Not all me stink.

  2. We men can be real pigs for sure, especially those of the young variety. I have two younger brothers, and as children, we all shared a room, in which the floor was rarely visible, I feel your pain.

    I stopped by also to inform you to come check out my blog, I have an award for you!

  3. Oh sure, you guys are pigs, KW...but I guess you are useful at times. And you are correct, not all men are smelly. My husband is pretty clean.

    Rayden...I'm on my way over!

  4. "boys will be boys"??

    There are many exceptions to the Rule, though. I'm one of those. In fact, I even 'sit' when I pee, at home that is.

  5. The answer... because they are male and it doesn't bother them.

    FYI, I have a hubby and 2 GIRLS and it's the same here.

    That 100 followers blog giveaway started this morning, thought you might like to know.

  6. Hey Baby-Girl,

    My luck will be that my 100th Follower will be 'Butt-Ugly'

  7. But, Blasé least it is 100!! Quite an accomplishment. And really, you started with only the best!


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