Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Choose Happiness But Am Still Annoyed By:

1. People who forward stuff that CLEARLY is not true. I mean c'mon. How can you be a college or high school graduate and honestly believe that if you forward something to 20 people Bill Gates will give you $1000? Ridiculous.

2. On that same note...I know who my friends are and I love them (although not all equally and at the same time...). I do not need a thousand email forwards telling me I am a strong woman and someone loves me. Oh, but wait! An angel or a heart made up of parentheses, asterisks and colons is very special.

3. Every pink thing for breast cancer. I know I am going out on a limb here...and I am not belittling anyone's fight against disease. But when eveything you pick up has a pink ribbon on it, it kind of diminishes the message. The official soup of the fight against breast cancer? The official NASCAR driver in the fight against breast cancer? The official battery of the fight against breast cancer?

4. People who still can't use caller ID. If my mother cuts me off one more fricking time with, "Hold on, the other line is ringing," and then comes back with, "It was just my lady at Neiman's reminding me my hose are in," I am not responsible for my actions.

5. The guy at Starbuck's who still can't reload my card efficiently. He has been there since the summer. I can not possibly be the only person who comes in and asks for that to be done. It is getting so bad there I welcome being helped by the older woman who USED to be the inefficient one.

6. People who think my job is just one big recess-y picnic followed by June, July and August. I LOVE my career (which is different than a JOB, btw). But I work hard, in fact MUCH harder than I worked 10 or 15 years ago. It is a whole different world now...better in most ways. It ain't easy though.

7. The Gosselins. I am so over them..they are dysfunctional and sick. Their poor, poor kids are the Lohans and Hiltons of the future.

8. When I get to the bottom of my venti coffee (yes, I know I should have put this up with my other Starbucks issue, but I just thought of it...roll with it) and there are coffee grounds there! Yuck and ewwww!!

9. My neighbor with his perfect lawn and gardening. He owns his own business, he works a does he have the time?? Everytime I am out there trying to trim the rose bushes (which I make up as I go along, there is no "plan") I feel inadequate and inferior. And I am annoyed by that!

10. People who are late all the time. Plan ahead. It is rude.

11. The fact that the mouse in the basement keeps taking the bait out of the traps. Although, it could be one of the kids...Hmmmm...

12. All of the stupid ailments that have befallen me since I turned 40ish. I am in better shape and happier than I was when I was 25, why doesn't my body fully accept that? I am working on a Note on these ailments and syndromes. Just thought I'd throw it out there now though.

13. People who are too busy to call, text or email me back. I'm busy too. You know what happens over time? I stop trying...then you don't get the benefit of my scintillating, warm and fuzzy frienship. So there.

14. The fact that Deadliest Catch is not even on in reruns over the fall/winter. How am I supposed to deal with that? It is very upsetting...I miss Sig. I know he misses me too. He does! Shut up!

15. When I think there is one more piece of pizza left in the fridge and I go to sneak it and find that someone (TOM!) has already eaten it. Drat! Good thing there is candy for the next few weeks...

You don't think less of me for being petty, do you? Well know what else annoys me? Judgmental people. ;-)


  1. Okay Amy, I'll tread lightly. Remember that some people are educated beyond their intelligence. Others are promoted to one level above their competence. Some berate your chosen profession, because there are so many in your profession who are what others assume you to be.
    And the advertisements with pink ribbons are self serving, so I agree on that one with you.
    Do you feel the same way about hummingbirds as mockingbirds and ravens?

  2. About the teaching thing, may be right. But I also think that people think that anything that involves kids is all play.

    I feel the same way about all birds that fly....I'm ok with penguins. Ostriches are a little scary though cuz they are so big.

  3. I'm annoyed with bloggers that only post 3 times a month! WTF!

    Glad you're back, AK. Keep an eye out for Tom and the Fridge.

  4. I get annoyed with people who whine at their jobs. Luckily I haven't run into too many of them - but these are people who've never grown up. There is NO such thing as a perfect job! It is what you make of it. If the job is making you miserable and you haven't been able to improve things then go find something else. It may take a while (especially in this economy) but it can be done. That is what I did with the job I had 2 jobs before. It took me over 6 months but I found one.

    And another thing... (sorry I'm just channeling Andy Rooney), but then again so are you! ;-)

  5. Hi Amy, how have you been? I agree with you on so many of these.

    The Gosselins, never followed to start with.
    The ribbons of all kinds are starting to get on my nerves, think of something original already.
    Caller ID is the bomb, surprised that there are some that still don't take advantage.
    Teachers work longer hours than most any other job, and the stress is beyond measure in my opinion, I admire every one of you.


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