Monday, April 19, 2010

Silly Things I Enjoy...

Sometimes people do goofy things that are pointless. Sometimes people do weird things that are entertaining. Not that I judge others...oh, ok, well I do, you caught me. But for the most part I find amusement in the silliness of others, as long as it doesn't affect me. You know why, right? (Hint: Fill in the blank---It is all about __________.)

Here are some silly things I like:

1. The goofballs at the gym who circle the parking lot, and circle the parking lot, and circle the parking lot looking for a front row spot. Seriously? You are on your way to work out and you can't walk a few hundred feet? You have to stalk me as I leave the building like some giant metal panther and then take off when you deem my spot in the far corner not worthy? Sometimes I take a meandering route to my car to confuse these people and waste their time. It makes me giggle.

2. People who claim they never got my text or email when I know they did because my Blackberry tells me when things get delivered, and sometimes even read. Fibbers!!! I love it when they say, "Oh, I didn't get it" or "I had my phone off". LOL...just tell me you were too busy to answer.

3. That my mother still cuts me off when she attempts to answer the second line in her house. She has had 2 lines since I was 6 years old and she still can not do it. "Hold on, the other line. I will be right back." I usually hang on for a few seconds on the off chance she won't cut me off...but alas, the dial tone rears its silly little head. Occasionally I get annoyed, like if I was in the middle of explaining something for the third time. But usually I just chuckle and hang up and wait for her to call back. There is a certain comfort in the regularity of such things.

4. People who claim they didn't know something important when the information was sent to them via email. I love resending the email that the information was in to them. Sometimes I even highlight the part they need..and you guessed it, I giggle when I do it. Busted!!

5. Pretending to take a photo of a friend with my phone when I am really taking a photo of someone in the background who is dressed: a) inappropriately; b) sluttily; c) stupidly; or d) all of the above.

6. Watching Dancing With the Stars and hoping that Kate Gosselin falls down and breaks her nose. Maybe she'd even hit her head so hard her hair extensions would pop off. Now THAT would be hysterical!!!!

7. When someone walks into a really clear door or window because they don't see it. That cracks me up. Then they are all embarrassed...just thinking about it right now I snorted I was giggling so hard.

8. Watching someone have a meltdown in a store over something like not being able to make a return or exchange due to insufficient receipts or something like that. They usually act so self-righteous and then get all loud. Cracks me up...I mean really, we have rules, people!! Otherwise the world would go to hell in a hand basket and people would be returning rotten blueberries to Best Buy or old rugs covered in dog barf to Starbucks. We. Must. Have. Order. People!!!

9. Anything to do with vampires: books, an HBO series, you name it. Although, I really just like nice vampires. You know, the romantic ones. Go ahead and judge me. When the truth comes out and we find out they are real they will like me and they will drain you and enjoy your pain. And I will giggle!

10. Being right about dumb stuff...double space after a period? NO! I told you so! It will take an hour to get downtown. Yep! I was right! So there!! And it makes me really giddy when you admit it to me. ;-)

Those are a few entertaining things. None of them really cause any physical damage, usually. They just make me laugh. Sometimes the misfortune or miscalculation of others brightens my day.

Now that I think about it, the "seeing someone walk into a glass door/window" thing really is the best. I'm cracking up right now sitting at the computer. Tom wants to know why...Don't tell him. He already thinks I'm mean.


  1. I have a co-worker who has driven the rest of us crazy by not actually reading his emails, then either pretend he never got it or just asking stupid questions about something where the answer is in the email. He is a Fed employee (we're contractors) and we are counting the days, no hours, no minutes when he might retire... (but then he is our village idiot)

  2. Oh, KW....that is so NOT true. I followed your blog because I found you interesting. I have been busy with other things though and not blogging at all (or following anyone) lately.

    I did try to go to your blog and post to you under your Shark Week post and it wouldn't let me so I assume you've banished me!!!!!

    Regardless...I love Shark Week too. Amazing creatures. Be well, KW.


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