Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I Would Do With Superpowers

So, pick a superpower! Quick, what would you do with that power? Which one is best? I have given this some thought...

1. Invisibility: If I were invisible for a day I wouldn't do anything pervvy, that's a waste. And so trite, right? A guy becomes invisible, goes into the LuvABulls locker room...blah, blah, blah! If I were invisible for a day I'd hang out where ever all the SAHMs hang out all day and see what they REALLY think of me. I'm dying to know which ones are really nice and which ones are just nice to my face. ;-) Then, after that I might have to sneak into some meetings at work to see if certain things I think are true really are.

2. Flight: The power of flight would be great! If I had to pick one superpower only, I'd take flight. I am not that fond of heights, but I assume that if I had the power of flight I'd get used to heights and the fear would disappear...hopefully. Oh, and if I could fly I wouldn't worry about falling! So anyhoo, I'd fly all over for a day, just to do it, you know? But if I could fly and get so many things accomplished in one day I think I'd need some sort of flight gear...I mean how would I carry the groceries...and could I fly as fast if I were lugging a huge cart after me? And I'd have to dodge a lot of birds...might be scary. Hmmm...maybe this warrants further thought...

3. Super Strength: This would be GREAT!! I could lift stuff, move stuff, shove stuff and scare people! I'd go to Bally's and go into the testosterone room and bench press like A LOT of weight. That would be funny. Then I'd probably do something practical like pick up my furniture and get all the toys and change out from underneath. Oh, and I'd go to the one scary person I'd love to scare and crush something in her face just to watch her turn white. Something really hard like a a computer monitor or...oh, I know! I'd rip a phone book in half like Jamie Sommers did in the Bionic Woman. That would be AWESOME!!!! Just to scare her and all....hee hee, that'd be funny.

4. Super Elasticity: Cool...I could be all flexible and bendy...Tom might like this one.

5. Bionic Hearing and/or Sight: This would be good in union negotiations meetings. If I knew what they were going to say things could move along more quickly. Also, again this would be helpful at work because if I heard everything the kids said at recess to each other I'd know who was fibbing about name calling and swearing and who was telling the truth!

6. Super Speed: It wold be so great to just be able to speed through certain the grocery store, my work out (would it count??) or schlepping the kids places. Then I'd have extra time to be on Facebook. Super speed would be the ultimate multi-tasking tool.

7. The Ability to Blow Things Up or Set Them on Fire: This is a great conversation stopper, right? I don't like the way I'm being treated by some snotty cashier and BOOM! I blow up her cash register. Tee hee...that would be fun. Oh, and it wold be great for starting the grill at block parties...or a campfire, if I camped (which I don't).

8. Mind Reading: This might be the only power to edge out flight. This would be good...I'd know what everyone was thinking, planning, ulterior motives etc...Although it caused stress for Edward in the Twilight series. I think I could handle it though since he also had the whole blood sucking thing to keep under control, he was preoccupied, you know? I'd know what the kids were thinking, I'd know when people were lying to me, messing with me or plotting evil deeds. It would for sure come in handy in my personal and professional life.

9. The Power to Heal: This is very altruistic. And you know, I'm nothing if not a giver.

10. And in honor of Hurley and Miles on LOST...The Power to Communicate with the Dead: I don't think I'd want this power. The whole, "I see dead people" thing is pretty freaky. And really, this power is a huge burden, having to speak for those who can't? That is stress. It makes Hurley NUTSO, right? So, this is a bad power.

I really think I might be on the fence with mind reading and flight...thoughts anyone? See, if I had both of these powers (Yes, I know, very greedy!) I could read your thoughts on the subject, or on me, and then race over and slap you silly if I didn't like what you were thinking! Because, as I might have mentioned before...this is really all about me.

You could always get a superpower of your own and we could battle it out!!


  1. #5
    I always envied the 6 Million Dollar Man. You have one of the best Blogs I've come across. You don't appear to post all that often, though.

  2. Blase...I try to post once a week. I spend far too much time on Facebook. But I was looking at your blog and I really enjoyed it! I'm sure Marie would be impressed as well ;-).


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