Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stuff I Can't Get Rid of and Why:

As I may have mentioned before I do not like change. Blah, blah, blah...yes, some people LOVE it and clearly I'm a narrow minded, repressed ninny since I don't believe in a lot of change. Whatever...But there are reasons I keep some things around, really!!

1. I might need it...I have a lot of old paperwork and notes and files. But I might need to look something up at some point. Plus, a lot of that stuff is union information from work. What if I need to look up a precedent or something? And as the years go on I am almost the keeper of the history...people keep retiring, or dying or going insane and stuff...

2. Let's Make a Deal syndrome...I am the one at baseball games who has the school buzz book, or a bandaid or a safety pin or a 15 inch length piece of woolen yarn. If I made a habit out of cleaning out my purse I might miss out on some McGyver life-saving moment.

3. Some clothes....You might need it! I mean, I got rid of my black leggings from college about 2 years ago and guess what? LEGGINGS ARE BACK IN! WTF? And I am not kidding, in one of my fashion magazines last week I saw that acid washed jeans are back in. See? If I hadn't have listened to serial closet cleaners I'd be all over the fashion scene to this day!

4. Pictures...I think it is some religious doctrine, right? You can't throw away an image or someone loses their soul? I might not be religious, but I ain't stupid either!

5. Books...I HATE getting rid of books. I sold a bunch on Amazon a couple of years ago, big pain. Now there is this second hand place near me (actually it is called "Second Hand Books" original) where I sold some books. The double bind here being that when I sold mine I bought more...for OUTRAGEOUSLY low prices. Who can pass that up??

6.Bills...This goes back up to #1. I might need to know how much I paid each month for electricity in 1998...really. I don't know why, but I might. Stranger things have happened.

7. Kids' work from school...I'm a teacher, it takes time and effort to plan meaningful activities that teach. And as a parent, when the boys are older and they will barely grunt mono-syllabic answers in my general direction I can look at their cute stories from grade school and remember when they loved me and weren't afraid to say so!!

8. For the future...One day, when I become famous (see former lists) I will need all of this documentation and crap for my biographer to get a good picture of who I am. Because you know, talking about myself is really hard for me to do. ;-)

I know that some of you are shaking your heads and thinking, "Oh, she's making excuses, she's rationalizing her hoarding and obsessive behavior." Well, no I am not! You can think what you want but next time you are on a scavenger hunt and you need a 6 year old water bill and a Polaroid photo of my sister when she was 6 crossing her eyes, you know where to come.So there!


  1. I was a hoarder growing up. I wanted to keep and become emotionally attached to most everything. But soon after my teenage years, I became the very opposite. I'm probably too quick at throwing things away, now.

    SweetBaby has just now got her bedroom to where it looks the way a bedroom should look. No more boxes and chaos all over the place. It took her over 5 years to sort and organize it all. She is NOT a Virgo.

  2. Were I more clever, I could have written this exact post. I have all of my pay stubs from 20+ years in the workforce. (Cuz the day after I throw them away, you KNOW I'll need them!)


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