Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine Flu...

So bird flu had me upset enough in the past. I hate birds (perhaps I've mentioned that). And the idea that not only can they swoop down at any given moment and peck my eyes out, but now they could transfer some deadly virus to me or my progeny...well, forget it! All birds are evil!!

But now we have pigs to fear as well? And yes, I know that at this point it is human-human transfer that is the issue, but still...This is stressing me out. Who even knew we had a pandemic alert system (which apparently we are on some level that is scary and higher than normal)?

I'm feeling like I used to right after my first child was born. Parents know this feeling, right? The feeling that, "I have brought this new person into the world and now look at all the things I have to worry about protecting him from!!" The list is endless and terrifying. It is enough to make anyone OCD...or at least a heavy drinker and peruser of new reports and updates late into the night.

Hmmm...let's list all the bizarre things I can't control that could kill me or the kids at any time:

1. SARs

2. Bird flu

3. Swine flu

4. Tornadoes/earthquakes and other natural disasters (although the chance of a tidal wave in Chicago is pretty slim...phew!!)

5. E coli

6. various other horrid diseases, contagious or not

7. And of course, terrorists and car accidents....of course these 2 are not necessarily related but both are on the news all the time.

Why do I watch the news? It just stresses me out...But more importantly, can I still have bacon on my baked potato at lunch today??

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