Sunday, April 26, 2009

My (Fantasy) Life with Sig Hansen...

So, what is it about Sig Hansen of "The Deadliest Catch" that does it for me? I'm not quite sure. He isn't the most handsome man around and generally I don't even go for blondes. He's pretty smart, and definitely brave and funny. Are those the magic addends in this equation? Let's examine this more closely...

Sig commands the Northwestern with confidence. I love a guy who knows what he is doing. He has to make tough life or death decisions, and he does it while weighing the consequences. That is pretty hot, you know?

He is funny...daring his brother to bite the head off a fish, joking around with the camera guys, not falling for practical jokes. His crew spent hours making a dummy up to fall off the boat and Sig laughed immediately, not falling for it for a second. Now there is a man who knows his boat, his crew and human nature. He's no moron!!

And of course there is the fact that he risks his life to bring the rest of us crab. Who doesn't love that? all fallen Jews who eat shellfish I respect those who go out and wrangle it for us. The opening of the show where Sig is on deck celebrating a full pot is about the most fab shot ever.

I think he is just the kind of guy I'd like to hang out with (I am a married woman you know...and Sig is married too.) But I think we'd get along and he'd like me too.

At least in my little fantasy life, that is how it works out. ;-)


  1. Yeah, I feel the same way about Marie Osmond...

    Question, what is the difference between Blogging ( and 'Facebook'? And, what do you do differently between the two? If you can answer this please leave answer on this space (your blog), I'll check back tomorrow night to see if you answered. Thanks

  2. Hey Blase (and how do I get the accent on your e? lol)I use Facebook for more constant commentary...conversations between friends, I post pictures all the time. I have been using this for mostly writing my "essays". I do post my writing on FB too...but use it mostly to keep in touch with friends from high school, college and even those I see everyday at work.

    Make sense?

    And yes, I figure you can understand my fascination with Sig ;-).

  3. I see, thanks. I use Word and copy and paste for my accent, of course you don't need to.

    I don't keep up with anyone from back in the day. Never even been to one of the high school reunions. NOt interested, but that's me.

    I'm just glad you're posting on a Blog...benefits ME that way.. ;D


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