Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh, I just noticed!!

The animal post below was my 100th!! Yippee for me :-).


  1. Oh, I just noticed.. get smarter and sexier every damn day, imho

    Congrats! Give us a hundred more (not push-ups, posts).

  2. Thank you, B. I love a captive audience ;-)

  3. I noticed your profile pic! You're into pirates but not bikers? That's like being into lions but not tigers. Or hawks but not eagles. Oh, sorry about the birds darlin'. Is it really a phobic thing or just dislike?
    The motorcycle mafia has been called off. For now!

  4. Ok, I guess my bird thing is more of a fear, not a phobia as it doesn't stop me from doing stuff outside.

    And I never said I didn't like bikers! I'm just not a risk taker. In other words, the cage makes me feel safe, which I know is not necessarily true...some of my closet friends ride bikes ;-).

    If I had to choose, I'd pick a biker over a pirate...pirates steal stuff!!

    And thank you for calling off the MM.

  5. I had a baby robin fall out of its nest in my back yard last year! It was to young to fly over my fence. So when I went out to put it back in the nest, The mother and father took turns strafing my head. I had my wife stand beside me and swing a towel in circles to keep the parents away while I continued my rescue. Afterward, we laughed for an hour. But I agree, even though I provoked them, Birds do attack. Not hitchcockesque. But you get the picture?!?

  6. While I commend you on trying to help the baby bird...I also am glad the parents did not peck your eyes out (or your wife's)!! That is what they wanted to do!!! Eeeeeekkkk!


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