Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nightmare last night...

Apparently, the beginning of school is looming. I had my first "school anxiety" dream last night (and I am sure the several glasses of wine at the bday party I was at didn't help...but still).

It was day 1 of school and my partner was not there. By "partner" I mean my fellow 4th grade teacher. My current partner has resigned and a new one is in the process of being hired...but in the dream the new one accused my principal of racism and quit and was suing us. (For the record, my principal is a pretty liberal, open minded person, so not sure where that is coming from). My younger son was in my class (which ain't happenin') and in the dream I was avoiding eye contact with him as I screamed at the class for continual playing of their recorders every time I turned my back. I guess in dreamland teaching the logical consequence of rogue recorder playing is to practice walking silently up and down the hall, 'cause that's what we did.

The dream ended with me passing my principal and some other administrators and saying, "I knew my 20th year wouldn't be any good. Last year's class was better!"

In my defense, I have excellent classroom management and I do not yell at kids (well my own, but that doesn't one is paying me to mold their little minds). My usual school anxiety dreams revolve around me not being ready, or losing the key to my room etc...

Yikes...well, it will have to be better than the dream. Here is to year'd think I had this down by now ;-).


  1. For awhile, I was having nightmares about not remembering my locker lock combination. I think I'm finally over that one.

    Teachers...they never stop being a student, either.

  2. 20 years? Congratulations! That is an impressive milestone.

  3. Sorry Amy, I can't think of nothin' nice to say. So as the NUNS who had me in grade school taught me. I won' say anything!
    Hope you have a great day! If ya wanna change your dreams watch SHARK WEEK on DISCOVERY.

  4. KW...I love Shark Week, been watching since last night.

    And frankly, the above IS the nicest thing you've said to me ever!

  5. AmyK... Don't go gettin' all mushy on me. If I turn on the charm my buddy Blasé, who has dibs, will chastise me scornfully. I don't have enough friends to start making anyone jealous. Yet. There are enough cage drivers out to get me without needing to add one with intent.
    Anyway! CONGRATULATIONS on 20 years. You can't do anything that long without loving it and being very good at it.
    KW, HH, or KMK.

  6. Yes, I do love teaching...keeps me out of trouble ;-).

    Thanks. :-)


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