Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Things I Was Thinking About in the Meeting Tonight...

1. All the stuff I still need to buy for my classroom (contact paper for the locker tags, "Welcome to 4th Grade" pencils, new fabric for the hall board).

2. Who is that woman in the corner complaining about the new special lunch online sign up??? Get a grip.

3. I shouldn't have eaten all that coffee cake...who the heck brought it? Damn, it was me!!!!

4. All the people I have to invoice for the daycare program. I need a better spreadsheet...

5. Is there more coffee cake?

6. I should update my Facebook status...it has been the same for 24 hours. "You know you have been watching too much 'Shark Week' when you are walking down the street and fear getting attacked by a Great White".

7. I wonder what the boys are doing alone at home? Probably buying inappropriate movies on On Demand.

8. I wonder what that video KrippledWarrior posted was all about...I should watch it. (And I did just now...it was funny. Was that Christina Applegate??)

9. Is there any more coffee cake? No? Ok, where are the M&M's?

10. Someone shut up that woman in the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clearly I need some help focusing...I blame the coffee cake.


  1. yes, that was Ms Applegate, and I'm sure I could have done a better job for her than what she got from that other woman (pretending the act was real and all).

    I think I could use some coffee cake...and I hate coffee.

  2. Greatwhites on the streetcorner! you slay me. The old SNL "LANDSHARK" skit... Hopefully your boys are bright enough to avoid an obvious paper trail like OnDemand. As for the creep in the corner; stare at her unblinkingly and concentrate.If she doesn't notice after 1 full minute. Whistle 1 short chirp. When she finally looks at you. Point you right index finger just below you left ear. Then slowly drag it under you chin and across you throat to your right ear. Then smile and flip her the bird. I bet she shuts up then! Thanks for the laughs. Love ya sister. KMK.


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