Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Book Club

I'm in a book club. It is comprised of a bunch of women I work with. We are all at differing life stages...some divorced, married, with kids, with grown kids, no kids, some grandmas, and even one Republican! (We are very equal opportunity.)

So, we met tonight and I came home as I always do after Book Club...full to the gills and laughing. We eat A LOT and drink, and then we usually talk about the book some. Some months we book talk more than others. We have found that when we all like the book there isn't much to talk about. We spent a lot of time tonight catching up on each others' lives since we are all in education and most of us haven't seen each other since school let out last month. (Which, if you think about it is teaching we see people EVERYDAY, we know everything about each other and then in June we go our separate ways until August.)

The book tonight was Firefly Lane by Kristen Hannah. Good book...chick-lit, pretty much and made for a good cry for most of us. And believe me, there is nothing more pathetic than an almost 42 year old woman sitting next to the pool by herself crying onto her beach towel reading a paperback. Trust me, that was me. My children were mortified.

Next month we are reading The Price of Privilege by Madeline Levine...about the current rash of over pampered kids in this country. Now that one should leave us something to discuss since we teach in a very upper-middle class area and most of us are parents in the same area. We will see...

I think the nicest thing about Book Club is that we all share some things in common (profession, gender) but we differ on other things and we can discuss them. Some of the women in Club I am friends with outside of work and talk to whether school is in session or not. But others are just "colleagues"...yet we share a love of reading and talking. Nice connection!

What have you read lately?

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