Monday, July 13, 2009

Half a day at Magic Kingdom

We got in yesterday afternoon to Disney World and went to the Magic Kindom. We did A LOT!!

Just so I don't forget, here is the list:

1. Jungle Cruise-I wonder if the skippers all have the same schtick.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean-Awesome! Some of the pirates looked so real, some not so much.

3. Splash Mountain-It was long! I had no idea! So much fun and yes we were soaking. Ryder and I were right in front and I hid behind him. I have no shame.

4. Tea Cups-You gotta do it, right?

5. Haunted Mansion-We all agreed that we wished more stuff jumped out at us but it was good.

6. It's a Small World-A little freaky and annoying but you have to say you did it. We took a funny picture of Tom and AJ looking scared at the freaky dolls.

7. Peter Pan-This was fun too. Of course it makes sense that we flew but I wasn't expecting it. The boys don't know the story so I was explaining it to them in line.

We ate in Tomorrow Land and Ryder was pissed there were no fries. Tom was cranky about not having enough pop and AJ and I were happy in the happiest place on Earth!!

Let's see what today brings!

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