Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 2

We had another fun, full day. Aside from a couple minor fits over food or the order of events we continue to make fabulous, fricking family memories each day:

1.Kilimanjaro Safari-Very cool. We saw various horned animals, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs and lions. A rhino walked in front of the jeep for a bit and we saw hipps as well. There were a lot of birds...I hate birds.

2.Kali River Rapids-Tons of fun! Ryder and I got completely soaked. We Fast Pass-ed this one...greatest invention ever!

3. Everest Expedition-Fab coaster! Tom and I LOVED it. The damn kids were scared and wouldn't go on it twice. Losers.

4. Prmeval Whirl-Otherwise known as Six Flags' Ragin' Cajun.We saw a lizard on the groud when we were waiting in line, that was fun.I think I got whiplash on this one. Very jarring.

5. Dinosaur-Very loud but fun. When the suspiciously Satan looking T-rex screams in your face I did wanna cover my ears.

6. It's Tough to be a Bug-Awesome 3-D! This is what 3-D is supposed to be. Even I wanted to try to reach out and grab the little flying bees. I was not expecting the water or the fog...and I did scream when the "cockroaches" ran under my seat. I believe Ryder yelled, "What the hell was THAT??". Lol.

7. Finding Nemo-Musical version with puppets. Cute, great puppetry, but a little young for our boys. Great for the under 6 year old set.

8. Pangani Trail-We saw gorillas and hippos. Ryder was a superb trail guide, following the map and everything.

9. Maharajah Trek-This is another walking trail with Komodo dragons and HUGE scary fruit bats. Too many birds though.

A great day...we did everything we wanted except ride Everest twice...damn kids.

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  1. I wish I could experience a Rhino walking withing feet of me.

    Sounds like the Big Kids are doing even better than the lil' kids.


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