Saturday, July 11, 2009

On the Road (not again, for first time!)...

Into the second hour of our road trip to Disney far so good ;-). Who knew the speed limit in Indiana was 70 mph? That got Tom REALLY excited, which is as excited as he is gonna get for the next week seeing as how all 4 of us are sharing a hotel room.

Here are the "5 Commandments of the Road Trip" by my older son:

1. Shut up and don't complain.

2. Be patient.

3. Don't fight.

4. There isn't that much food so don't ask all the time.

5. Be bored in silence.

Not bad, huh? The boys are on a point system for behavior for the trip...points can be redeemed for $ to buy crap in Disney. I will keep you informed of the point totals which I am sure will be directly proportional to my mood throughout the week.

So far the boys are tied...2 points each. And in case you are wondering, yes, points can be deducted. Absolute power is mine!! Bwahahahaha!

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  1. 'Power Trippin' Mama is what you are.
    Tell Tom to 'put the pedal to the metal'.


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