Saturday, July 4, 2009

Well, DID rain on our parade!

So we just LOVE the 4th of July. We have several family tranditions that have evolved over the years. On the 3d we BBQ with friends and then walk to our town's fireworks. The fireworks were exceptionally good last night, and it was the first year in many that it wasn't 90 plus degrees...I actually wore a jacket while eating the traditional Swedish Fish and Twizzlers. We sat with friends and the kids are now old enough to run around the field and find their way back to us when necessary...nice!

On the 4th our town does it up BIG! We do the pancake breakfast/carnival/art fair at the park district center and field. Well, AJ and I did it with a friend and her daughter this year since Ryder had baseball and Tom went there. But it was nice...especially interesting was the artist who paints on toilet seat covers. He had a lovely rendition of the album cover for "Dark Side of the Moon", but I digress...

Ryder's team lost in the bottom of the last inning with him pitching...and yes, ther IS crying in baseball when you are 9 and were previously undefeated. And then it drizzled throughout the parade, but there was candy thrown at our heads and bagpipers galore, so that was nice.

Then (as every year) we sprint to the car and drive to the next 'burb south for the parade that goes past the in-laws house. The drizzle progressed to full on rain, but the, parade went on.

I'm dried off now, sitting at the in-laws with a glass of wine and some salted almonds. If the rain let's up we will do more fireworks...or just go home. We keep reminding ourselves of all the years we are melting in the heat. Next year we can say, "Remember last year when everything was soggy?"

Happy 4th to all...wave a flag, light a sparkler and eat a hot dog. I love summer :-).


  1. Good for y'all.

    We're sitting watching TV (sometimes I do that) of the July 4th 'Twilight Zone' marathon. I went out and got us a pizza. We will stay away from the mosquitoes, tonight. Tomorrow night we will cook out on our New Edition while wearing an OFF thingy tied to our waist. Hope it works. Happy 4th!

  2. Our cats are alternately watching the fireworks through the screen and running away from the noise. It's quite entertaining.

    It's FINALLY quit raining here in Michigan. Thank God!


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