Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 3...

We went back to the Magic Kingdom today and did everything we did on Sunday plus:

1. Big Thunder Railroad-Loved it! Not too scary but not wimpy! I love how the rides here are actually LONG. Not Great America "stand in line for 45 minutes and the ride is 30 seconds".

2. Buzz Lightyear-Fun but the instructions were hard to hear and we didn't know you had to shot the "z" circles only. Someone with a seizure disorder should NOT ride this...oy, the noise and strobes!

The whole Fast Pass thing makes life easier. And staying on the resort allows you to come in to some parks early...I am grateful to my friends who come here every year and gave me the FULL scoop on how to do all of this!

Tomorrow is Epcot. Can't wait to see what this "Soarin'" thing is all about.

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