Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I should play the lottery today or something...

I need to get my driver's license renewed since it is up next month on my birthday. Since the DMV is generally CRAZY I figured I could pop in there once a week for the next month and hopefully (fingers crossed and prayer may help) one of those pop-ins would result in me seeing a not-so-long line.


I bop in there today after the sale at J. Crew (don't ask, but I do own two, yes 2, grey dresses now...) and guess what? NO LINE! WTF? Unprecedented, unheard of and lots of other redundant stuff. I shimmy up to the counter, present my $10, change my weight (Cuz I haven't weighed 105 lbs since college and the dishonesty of it all has been bothering me...what if I got kidnapped and they did my APB based on my license?? Everyone would be looking for some 105 lb, 42 year old tattooed woman...I'd never get found!) and then on to get my picture taken.

And it gets better...My new driver's license photo is GREAT!! I actually look decent.

Quite the day, huh? ;-) I guess it's all downhill after Disney...but I found it exciting. Ok, back to reading better stuff than this. Thanks for your time.

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