Thursday, July 30, 2009

That's nice...

My older son was born 11 years ago tonight by emergency c-section (thus beginning the slow and inevitable decline of my once hot bod). He just called me from his friend's house to say happy "his birth day". Lol.

Actually, he said, "Thanks for having a c-section so I didn't die." I told him no was my pleasure after about 6 months of heartburn and sleepless nights.

The kid is a keeper though...he's smart, he's funny, he doesn't mind going to the mall with me and he will still kiss me goodbye in public.

Motherhood rocks ;-).


  1. Wow... it's awesome that he acknowledges stuff like that.

    Happy Birthday to your Son!

  2. Happy Birthday AJ!!! I'm glad you had that c-section too... ;-)


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