Friday, March 13, 2009

Fast Food...

A lot of people knock fast food...but I love it. It's fast, it's easy, it's usually pretty cheap and generally it hits the spot when you need it. (I knew girls like that in high school too...) Some is better than others, of course. And since you people seem to be a captive audience, I thought I'd highlight some of my thoughts...

1. McDonald's...the King of fast food. Clearly the best fries around. And that Supersize movie? A bunch of bull if you ask me...Don't eat Big Macs 3 times a day and you won't drop dead of a grabber, simple as that.

2. Burger King...The idea of serving burgers all day is genius. Not too long ago I used to begin each day with a cheeseburger on my way to school...of course that was 20 pounds ago. But man, those were the days.

3. Taco Bell...LOVE Taco Bell. When I was pregnant with Ryder I had bean burritos ngihtly for a while. You can laugh now....but a large pregnant woman eating a bean burrito in her car at 9:00 at night doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

4. Wendy's...Absolutely disgusting. I am only putting it on the list in case someone can think of something decent they have there. I have given it many chances and generally find it to be gross. Plus, any fast food place that has THAT many people touch your burger before you do is asking for trouble. One guys does the pickles, one does the lettuce, one squirts the ketchup. WTF? So, in these tough economic times who do you think is fired first? The lettuce guys probably. I bet the tomato guy can handle two veggies.

5. Subway...Screw Jared. He was annoying. If I only ate one sandwich a day I'd lose a ton too. But, their tuna (while not healthy) is pretty good. The veggie sub isn't bad for you though. And THEY only need one person to build their sandwiches....and there are way more choices than at Wendy's! Clearly the thinking man's fast food!

6. White Castle...I wish there was one around here. Yummo! And I think I'd even like them if it wasn't 3:00 in the morning, right?

7. Arby's...There used to be one on the corner of Lake Cook and Skokie Blvd. I used to go there in high school with my boyfriend...beef-n-cheddars with horsey sauce. Those were good! I went to one several years ago and the beef-n-cheddar was like as big as a silver dollar pancake. Down sized!

8. Hardee's...Loved it in college until I had a HORRIFIC experience with a chicken sandwhich and a vein of some sort. I might have maybe puked a little in public. So, not one of my favorite fast food memories.

9. Chipotle...Awesome and yummy. I ate it a lot until I went on the website and saw that pretty much everything I like there is about 1,500 calories and 87 grams of fat. Oops!! Why is everything good so bad? I hate that! Also in this category is Baja Fresh. The name is very deceiving. Seriously, go on the site and check it out. You will be completely disgusted that you have eaten that in one sitting!

10. Culver's...Mmmmm, butter burgers! How unhealthy is that? Let's broil some fatty meat and spread butter all over it! Yeah, great idea!! Clearly thought of in the Wisconsin area...the same people who brought you beer-cheese soup (which I thought was a joke the first time I saw it in college...but I digress...)

11. KFC...Or, as it used to be call Kentucky Fried Chicken...or as my brother and I used to call it when we were kids "Greasy Fried Chicken". So, changing it to initials makes it healthier, right? Right! Good thinking...wonder how much the Colonel paid for that ad campaign. Still...pretty good. There aren't any around here since the one in Northbrook closed. And remember the rumors when we were kids that it wasn't really chicken, it was fried rats? Nice...

Also, my friends who live south and/or east (not sure) speak with loving affection for something called Chick-fil something or other...what is the deal with that? Why is it so good? Tell me! And do they deliver? ;-)

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