Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I'd Like To Be Famous For...

Hmmm....where to start?Ok, there are the obvious things I could say like: curing cancer, creating the HIV vaccine, winning a Golden Apple (well, not really that one...I think there is a lot of paperwork involved).But really, what are the chances of any of that happening? Nil, so let's really shoot for the stars!

1. Being the mother of the President of the United States. Now AJ makes lists, worries about the problems of others, and is generally pretty serious. But Ryder would be a fabulous President. Let's put some FUN in the White House! And he'd for sure outlaw having to wear pants on the weekend...unless Bill Clinton already put that on the books.

2. Winning the largest lottery prize in the history of all mankind... It would be so great. Money doesn't buy happiness, blah, blah, blah...but it certainly helps. The people who say stuff like that about money are the people who have never had to put groceries on the credit card because they don't have any money in the checking account and payday isn't for another week. It might not buy happiness but it sure decreases stress.

3. Writing a book that becomes a bestseller. But I'd want to do it the easy way....Like I write a book and send it to one publisher who gives me a huge advance and then publishes it, no questions asked. I'm not picky though...I have fiction and nonfiction ideas. I just would have to actually find the time to write it. Hmmmm....too darn bad I no one has invented a dictation device that records thoughts. Now that would make it so much easier to actually write a book. Hey, there's another idea!!

4. For inventing a dictation device that records your thoughts, transfers them to a word processor and edits, spell checks etc...How cool would that be??

5. For single handedly briging Comcast to its knees and destroying its evil hold on humanity. Comcast is the spawn of the devil. I hate them.

6. Along the lines of #3 I think I'd really like to write a column in some fun publication. Then I could become a household name, go on Oprah, meet the cast of General Hospital and LOST and have more money. It's kind of like everything rolled into one!! Of course, I need my Thought-Dictation machine to work first because writing a daily or even weekly column would be a lot of work! I'm busy enough as it is....

That is all I can think of right now...I don't really want to become famous for anything that would require MORE work and stress. And I don't need the paparazzi around either...It is stressfull enough to have to wear make up to work and look presentable, I don't want to have to do that EVERYTIME I leave the house.

So...what do YOU want to be famous for in this lifetime?? And i mean FAMOUS, not just well known, or even infamous ;-). Be reasonable, lol.

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