Friday, March 13, 2009

Things I Love...

One of the first lists I posted on Facebook...

I realize my last notes were kind of bitching about stuff....So here is a happy one. Because of course I am NOTHING if not happy and optimistic ;-). I love....

1. My family, of course. Notwithstanding the fact that some people I grew up with might be a teensy-tiny bit wacko.

2. My children...the bonus being they are still at the age where they love me a lot. I get hugs, kisses goodnight and they want to watch tv in my bed with me at night...even when the Olympics aren't on.

3. My job....I get to laugh everyday and I can go out to recess on nice days.

4. TAB...Yes, they still make it. You just aren't looking hard enough.

5. Reading...I love being in a book club and meeting and talking. I love good books and trashy books (even though sometimes those books make me feel like it has been too long since someone ripped my clothes off with reckless abandon, or something to that effect).

6. Being the "good" daughter.

7. Having some experiences in life that pissed me off or depressed me at the time, but now I realize they taught me much.

8. General Hospital and LOST....Mac Scorpio, Jason Morgan, Jack Shepard and Sawyer....'nuff said.

9. The new Jamoca Oreo ice cream at Baskin Robbins...yum!

10. Ann Taylor Loft.

11. Kathy's Kwando class at Bally's...sweat hard and feel it the next day.

12. My friends....the ones that I think of calling about stuff before I think of calling people I am related to.

13. My Blackberry....seriously, besides fertility treatmentsit was the smartest thing I ever spent my money on. (And there were no homone shots involved.)

14. My house. It is cute and yellow (Tom just repainted the whole exterior and it looks so great!).

15. Pasta.That is a pretty good list, isn't it? It makes me sound like the happy person I think I am. :-)

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