Friday, March 13, 2009


You gotta love them...Yes, they make it difficult at times. And then, at other times, I am amazed...Some observations:

They are more live in the moment. Women are more fold the laundry and then live through a romance novel.Why does my husband wake up and think about what he wants to do for him that day while I wake up and think about where the kids are supposed to be?

Speaking of sleeping...why do they have to nap so much? They really don't work harder than women. I think of excessive napping as a weakness. Buck up and deal with life. Sleep is a waste of perfectly good time!

If they would just make a list every now and then they could save tons of time! The happiest day of my life was when Tom said to me, "Could you just write it all down?" It took a couple decades, but he is finally realizing I know what I'm doing ;-).

What is wrong with their arms that the can't actually reach into the dishwasher or the washing machine? Is this the same affliction that causes them to be unable to replace toilet paper rolls? I think this is also why boys have to be reminded 100 times a week to hold their penis when they pee...some kind of low muscle tone in the arm or something...

How exactly do they know where to put the WD-40 so that the annoying squeak vanishes from the screen door? I love that!Are some just born knowing how to dry wall and spackle? Is that even how you spell spackle?Some goes for splicing cable or whatever that is called...interesting that they can do that but not load the dishwasher.

Why do they love Home Depot and hate Bed, Bath and Beyond? It is the same idea really...Ok, HD is the mechanical stuff and BB&B is the decor...but need BOTH to actually be done with the new bathroom.

Do you think they really know what all those tools in the tool box are for? Tom is VERY handy and "fix-it-y" but he really only uses a screwdriver, a wrench and those allen wrench things...It's all for show, right? Kind of like women who have all those fancy copper pots hanging from their kitchen ceilings. They don't use those either!

Why do we both live in the same same house (and have for 19 years) and he still isn't always sure what brand of stuff we use? Fascinating...again, the details don't bother men.

I think it is cool that they can shower in 90 seconds.

Why can they remember stats about sports (and pointless ones at that!) and have no idea what I said this morning about our plans for this evening?

And this is NOT my husband...but the dads who walk into the office at school and HAVE NO IDEA who their kid's teacher is just floor me every fricking year. I mean really, this is not 1970...Dads are actually involved in childrearing these days. ACT LIKE IT!

Speaking of which...dads in real life are really not as dumb as the ones on tv. But why is it so darn funny anyway? Tom and I agree that is the only "acceptable" form of discrimination left, "Anti-dadism"....tee hee. But even the lamest guys I know aren't as dumb as say, Jim Belushi on Everyone Loves Jim.

And thus the big secret is BUSTED. Men really aren't dumb...they just act like it to get out of doing stuff, right? The really bad part is that women let them get away with it! I had this conversation with a man act dumb to get out of chores etc...Early in a relationship women just say, "Fine forget it, I'll do it myself" due to lack of patience. Later on in the relationship, especially after kids are involved, women say that due to lack of TIME. I don't have time to explain everything darn thing every darn day...Easier to do it myself.

And of course, if I didn't do it myself I'd have no reason or right to pull the martyr card every so often either ;-).

Ok, just a few things that have been on my mind. Overall, I like men. They are generally easy to get along with and since I am rarely offended I find their humor fun. And of course, you need a good one around to fix stuff and carry crap from the car. And maybe for a few other things during the week...

Now if any men read this they can write their own bitchy "Women" list....oh wait, that involves planning ahead and list making ;-). Nevermind....

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