Friday, March 13, 2009

Stereotypes and Cliches I Believe:

Of course stereotypes are bad and generalizations can perpetuate narrow minded beliefs...but still, come on...some of these things are based in a smidgen of fact!! And cliches are trite and immature....but they came from somewhere, right?So, here goes...

1. Women are smarter than men simply because they can multitask. Women can always think 2 steps ahead. If we couldn't we'd never be able to drive a carpool. Notice how when your husband drives the carpool you have to explain every step to him?

2. Jewish men can't fix things around the house...but they can pay for others to do so. While both have their advantages having a house-goy that can fix the plumbing or sump pump way blows away having to wait for the million dollar an hour overtime real plumber.

3. Girls are better behaved in the classroom and more eager to help organize things...(see #1).

4. People who like cats are weird and basically solitary. (The only good thing about cats is that they eat birds...and birds are evil, you should hate them.)

5. Working moms have an air of bitterness and martyrdom (even if they love their jobs) because we can't just stay home and wait for the dishwasher repair guy. We have to rearrange our whole lives to deal with that stupid stuff. It sucks. (And I love my job...but still it is completely stressful when things "come up".)

6. SAHMs have an air of superiority because they think they are making more of a sacrifice for their families by quitting work and staying home. Then they say insulting things like, "I have made my family my first priority." Cuz, you know....My family isn't that important to me...I just work to get out of the house and avoid the dishwasher repair guy.

7. Men really do have issues if their wives make more $ than they do, even if they say they don't care.

8. Short men are opinionated and loud because they feel like they have something to prove.

9. Ultra-religious people (no matter what the religion) are very narrow minded. One once told me I was bastardizing the Jewish race by marrying a non-Jew. Like I need THAT on my conscience! Crap...I'm worried about how to juggle repair guys and he's telling me that the fate of the Chosen People resides in my choice of a spouse...Gimme a break.

10. Non-Jewish families keep their feelings bottled up inside. Jewish families are an open book and nothing is sacred. Not that this is always a GOOD thing!

Ok....discuss and tell me how offended you are! ;-) Or better yet, tell me what stereotypes and cliches you believe!

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