Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I guess one has to make a choice eventually...

I am all about continuous accessibility. I have no problem responding to email regarding work when at home. I prefer to take care of things when they come up, and not put them off.

I love my cell phone and encourage people to call it when they need me and I am not home. If I don't want to talk to you, I will simply press "ignore"...no biggie, right?

And anyone who knows me knows that I am in real, romantic love with Facebook. I love it, I need it...I may have a problem with it. I do have a fairly addictive personality and am pretty "all or nothing", so this could explain my fascination with FB.

But...now I have this blog. And yesterday I tried Twitter. I may be out of control. I'm not quite sure, but I may be...

I think Twitter can go. I took a non-scientific poll on my FB Wall and most people seemed to think that if you are religious about Facebook then Twitter is superfluous. For a bit today and yesterday I had my Twitters (or are they Tweets??) linked to my FB status. That was fine for a bit, but then I realized I didn't want my FB status to change at times. So, back to "settings" to change that! But now, I have even more to update daily or several times daily! This may be stressful...This is why I gave up watching All My Children a few years back. I couldn't keep up with 3 soaps and my nighttime shows AND actually attend to my kids (lol...details!).

Twitter may have to go...because I found myself just now in a quandary about whether I wanted something to be my FB status, my Twitter line or BOTH! Something mundane might be fine for the 140 characters on Twitter but FB requires a bit more thought for status updates, IYKWIM.

Oy and hmmm....not sure on this one. The problems of the overly connected, right? What do to, what to do?

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