Friday, March 13, 2009

Things That Are Easier Than They Look...

So, I wrote about things that are harder than they look (carrying lots of Starbucks, doing homework with an 8 year old, teaching a brain surgeon how to email etc...) So this is all about things that I think are easy but others might not. Of course, ease is all in the eye of the beholder, you may not agree with everything listed here...But I'm entitled to my opinion and if you don't like it, well...whatever with you:

1. Making time to play on Facebook. It's not so hard...just let your kids play Wii and blow off reading the book for book club.

2. Being on time. Really, I have no patience for perpetually late people. It is SO rude. It is easy...just get ready EARLIER. Duh!

3. Exercising everyday...make the time. You make time for sleep and grooming...just cut back on those if needed. Because really, if you feel like crap about your weight you aren't happy anyway, so why be well rested or shaved and plucked?

4. Texting...People who say they aren't technologically advanced enough to text aren't trying hard enough. It is simple, make the effort. Then you can bug your kids 24/7 once you are nice enough to buy them a cell phone (And no, I'm not that nice yet...apparently AJ is the only child in the entire tri-state area without a cell phone...whatever.)

5. Staying on the above topic...Saying "no" to your kids isn't that hard either. You just open your mouth and say it. If you say it and mean it and stick to it, they actually realize it isn't open for debate. Amazing how that works...this falls under the same category as "Being a parent to your child and not his friend". Most things parents say no to won't scar kids for life...they probably won't even remember it, lol....Seriously, how much day to day stuff do YOU remember from when you were 9 or 10 years old? Not much, right? The defense rests, your honor...

6. Sodoku puzzles, if you have half a brain. You just have to have an attention span longer than 15 minutes.

7. Getting a babysitter. Ok, perhaps this only applies to teachers who maintain decent relationships with former students...but still, it is no biggie for me. (Neener, neener, neener....Teachers deserve some perks for being indentured public servants!)

8. Being married. If you are friends with your spouse then it is pretty easy to be married and it doesn't require much "work" at all. The trouble is with couples that don't have friendship....with friendship comes respect, affection and cooperation. So, not easy for all, I get that. Remember this is MY page and MY list...move on if you don't like something I'm saying ;-).

9. Being "up" on current events. Read "The Week" magazine every week...seriously, you'll feel 100 times smarter and you'll know what the news dudes are talking about.

10. Buying clothes that fit. Ignore the size numbers and just wear what goes on your body without greasing up first. It helps if you bring your 10 year old son with you when you try on clothes. If he says, "That looks dumb, Mom," then it probably does.

I had some other ideas for this list but I thought if I wrote them I'd sound rude and superior...and you know, I worry so about what others think. Just because I think something is easy and you don't it doesn't mean I think less of you...well, except if you can't make time for Facebook, learn to text or do Sodokus. If you can't do those 3 things you are a huge loser and I don't want to be your friend. It's that easy. ;-)

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