Friday, March 13, 2009

Words That Are Funny...At Least To Me!

Some words sound funny, some words have double meanings and some are just fun to say!

1. duty (As in, "I have recess duty today." Tee hee!!)

2. poobah (Is anyone besides Ralph Cramden or Fred Flintstones really a Grand Poohbah?)

3. shuttlecock (Any word with those last 4 letters deserves a laugh.)

4. poofey (Like the shirt on Seinfeld)

5. angina (Come on, admit it...everytime you hear it you think of privates!)

6. shaft (See comment for angina.)

7. ombudsman (huh??...I feel like it shold be some sort of VW minibus type car)

8. anus (ick, and lol)

9. spurt (Even saying "growth spurt" makes me wanna laugh.)

10. girth (If you went to college with us you know why...)

11. conniption (as in "have a fit" makes the person you are speaking to sound like they are overreacting no matter what, lol)

12. persnickety (It sounds like a little old lady who might hit you with her umbrella or cane or whatever.)

13. askew (sounds like someone persnickety might say it)

14. cocksure (self-explanatory)

15. kumquat (Actually both syllables of this word are funny!)

16. toot (hee hee)

17. thespian (again, self-explanatory)

18. hormone (So many jokes for this one...)

19. atitter (sounds like boobs)

20. poodle (don't know why...but it is silly to me)

21. panties (Sounds naughty...)

22. trousers (so old fashioned, it makes me giggle)

23. nipple

24. supple (words with double "p" are funny, IMHO)

25. dinghy (a small boat or a complete moron, you make the call)

26. balls (I always stop myself at recess DUTY from saying, "Quiet in the lines, hold onto your balls, please!" I have to say, "Quiet in the lines, stop bouncing the basketballs, please!")So, I guess this shows I am immature, right? But I spend all day with kids and I live with all males...what do you expect?

Please feel free to add to the list...these were just off the top of my immature head.

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