Friday, March 13, 2009

I Know it is Bad to Hate...But Here are Things I DO Hate:

1. Stupid tolerance for them. Read before you ask, think before you speak, stick up for yourself and don't whine.

2. The smell of Tabasco sauce....makes me gag. And of course Tom puts it on lots of stuff. The only time he was nice about it was when I was pregnant...but actually it was less NICE and more he was worried I'd barf all over his meal.

3. Lance Armstrong...My perception is that his wife stayed with him through the cancer and then he dumped her. Then he dated Sheryl Crow and dumped her because she wanted kids. Then he dated and dumped Kate Hudson. Don't like him.

4. Huey Lewis...Mostly because the song "I Want a New Drug" was really, really annoying.

5. Navy and black upsets me when I see people wearing this combination. And then I think ill of them.

6. When people say stuff like, "Oh, you're a teacher? Did you pick that so you could have the summers off?" Yeah....and so I could live paycheck to paycheck and get looked down upon by morons like you!

7. When Jewel is out of TAB.

8. When people say EXSPECIALLY....there is no X is "especially".

9. That scratchy sound that denim makes when you scratch your nails on nails on a chalkboard to me! Also, the sound of a fork scraping the plate is VERY annoying.

10. Gin. Ewww, gross. Very bad screwdriver experience in high school...Orange juice is iffy for me too, for the same reason.

11. Accidentally smelling the milk when it has turned...gag!!

12. Mosquitoes...Do they have a purpose? I know spiders eat other bugs and some insects pollinate etc...But mosquitoes just stab you, make you itch and spread disease. No purpose that I can see.

13. When I am adamant about something and then I turn out to be wrong. I hate that. Thankfully, it RARELY happens ;-).

14. Birds. They are scary and freaky. They can fly out of the sky at any moment and dive bomb you. They can peck your eyes out. They make intimidating noises designed to frighten you or wake you up in the morning when you sleep with the windows open. And when you are at the beach trying to eat popcorn they stalk you trying to steal your food...and then your husband and 2 sons almost wet themselves laughing when you run away screaming like a little girl. (Not that something like that has happened in a year or two...)

15. Hearing about bird flu. It makes me nervous. I generally don't worry about disease but this one gets me. Plus, see #14. Birds are evil and scary.

So, yes, HATE is a strong word. But I think you'd have to agree that the above things are all worthy of my disdain, dislike, derision and disparagement! Seriously, the bird thing is should all hate birds. (And Lance Armstrong...I'm ok with you being able to deal with Huey Lewis.)

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