Friday, March 13, 2009

Reasons Why Some People Are Afraid of Facebook....

And for the record none of them would admit they are AFRAID....they just act like they are not interested, or don't have enough time, right? Who does have the time? I have two kids, various sports, a full time job, am vice president of the teacher's union in my district and I like to exercise and relax a bit each day. You MAKE the time for things that are fun....otherwise you become stagnant, dull and technically stunted, right? So, here is what I have come up with after trying to convert a few friends to the world of Facebook:

1. They think it will be too hard to figure out and they don't wanna look dumb. Get over yourself....We think you're dumb for not even trying!

2. They don't yet know how to scan and upload photos so they are scared to have a stock silhouette on their profile. Because then everyone will know they don't know how to upload photos!

3. They act like they don't want to reconnect with high school friends because if they mattered they'd STILL be in contact. Now, this is a dumb argument! How would it be possible to stay in touch with everyone you liked in high school? Especially when you attended New Trier, which has more students than most towns in Wisconsin.

4. They are secretly scared that no one will want to be their friend ;-). Again, dumb argument....friend me, I'll accept.

5. They are disgusted by the use of "Facebooking" as a verb. (I find this elitist..."texting" is a widely accepted verb at this point so it is only natural that other cyber-induced verbs become popular.)

6. They are worried that everyone else looks better than they do....Now, this is very shallow and selfish. And frankly, is it depriving the rest of us of making that judgement for ourselves.

7. Facebook is blocked at their workplace. Ok, now this may be a viable issue. It is blocked at my school, and understandably so. BUT...I make time at home and you can download the app for your phone! FB on the is fabulous!

8. They still have dial-up and it would take too long to deal with FB. Ok, I won't even go there. If you know this person...PLEASE, stage an intervention asap.

9. They say some lame-ass thing like, "I prefer to spend time with my family instead of on the computer." WHATEVER!!! That just smacks of superiority to me. How am I supposed to answer that? "Oh, ok....I hate my family and am secretly bitter and angry and I prefer to stalk old friends online instead." Again, whatever....Typical move of someone in denial....turn the issue around to make the other person (in this case the FB aficionado) feel wrong.

10. They don't like to check email so they can't imagine wanting to check FB. Again, whatever....welcome to 2008. Email is not going away. (Please reference my Note about parents at school who don't check email or my Pet Peeve Note.)

I am happy to tutor people in FB....feel free to reference me to friends who are scared to get started. I'll be nice, promise. I teach 4th grade...I am used to repeating myself 20 times a day. I am used to repeating myself 20 times a day, I am used to repeat---Oh, sorry, sometimes I get in a loop...And then if they come over to our side and join FB, and we like their profile, they can come to our next NT '85 Grad gathering! ;-)

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