Friday, March 13, 2009

Why the word "whatever" is the most fabulous word...

The word "whatever" can mean SOOO many things. It can convey just about anything. I use it all the time, and it has gotten me in trouble, out of trouble, more work piled on my plate, and even pregnant (well, ok, just ONCE)....But usually, it just says so much without saying too much. Examples:

1. To express unhappiness with a chosen restaurant...."Amy, how about Stoney River for dinner tonight?""Whatever, I don't care.""Would you rather go to DiPescara?""Oh, that's a good idea!"(See? One word and I get the restaurant I wanted, and he thinks it was HIS idea.)

2. To sway the outcome of something at work..."Do you think I should send this home to the parents?""Whatever. Although it might be too much.""So, maybe I should wait and tell them about it after the book report is due?""That might be a better idea."(Got the assignment to go my way without being too bossy!)

3. To express anger at my children..."Mom, I need that shirt I put in the wash TODAY!""Whatever AJ, I'll just take care of that after I make the lunches, fold the laundry, pick up the dry cleaning and find something for dinner.""Ugh, fine forget it if you're gonna be so mean!""Ok, thanks for understanding, oh-child-of my-heart."(Just a little reminder to them that MOM is the one who really does all the work.)

4. To deal with the unexpected things at work that might otherwise push me over the edge..."Amy, you are getting another new kid in your class tomorrow. We have no info on her and she is from out of state.""Whatever!" If said with a smile I seem very enthusiastic and accepting while of course all I am thinking is, "Her last name better start with 'Z' or my grade book and mail boxes will be out of ABC order for the rest of the year!!"

5. To feign support towards my mom when she is listing all the things I need to do to help her on a holiday when I am the only daughter/daughter-in-law who works full time outside the house."I need you to pick up the dessert. And I forgot foil, ziplocs and parsley so can you stop at Jewel? Oh, and we need another booster seat. Can you find one in your garage?""Sure Mom, whatever I can do to help."(Then of course I yell at Tom to go to the bakery and get his butt out to the garage...can't wait until AJ is old enough to send into Jewel on his own!)

The best part about the word is that underneath people think you might be pissed, but you are going along with them so they can't REALLY call you out on it, lol...Oh wait, is that passive aggressive or manipulative of me? Me? No, never!

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