Friday, March 13, 2009


According to my completely scientific research (i.e. the comments on my "Things That Never Go Out of Style" note) it seems that everyone has a bee in their bonnet about people with bad manners. So, if this is the case, why are bad manners so rampant? There are so many examples of ill mannered people that it is hard to narrow it down...but here goes:

1. Holding the door for someone and not being thanked...WTF? How hard is it to say "thank you"? What? You forget between the time you realize your arm does not have to motorically hold the door and your feet carry you through the doorway? Doesn't the fact that I am standing there holding my own damn Starbuck's AND the door tip you off?

2. RSVP'ing...Ok, now this one is ridiculous. You get an invitation, you check the calendar and you call or email. It is not hard, people!! If you aren't sure I will even take the, "Can I let you know the week of?". Everyone hold up your right hand and repeat after me: "I" (state your name); "Do solemnly swear that in 2009 I will pick up the phone and call to RSVP when someone has taken the time and care to invite my children or me to an event,"; Now do it!! You promised!

3. Thank yous for going above and beyond...and how about write them out? If someone does something nice it is really nice to say thank you...even if it remotely might be part of their job. It makes you a nice person and makes the receiver realize that some people do appreciate hard work. Like, for example....your kid's teacher plans a HUGE event that the kids will remember for years. How about a quick thank you written or emailed the next day? And I don't mean write it on the bottom of the note saying you picking Gertie up early for the ortho but an ACTUAL thank you recognizing the "above and beyond". Try will make someone's day.

4. Yelling into your cell phone in public...Listen, I talk on my phone in public. I don't believe in those annoying signs that say "Turn off your cell phone for others' relaxation". Those piss me off. But if your phone is so bad or the person you are talking to is so hard of hearing that you have to yell...go outside. No one else cares about your itinerary for the day or that you have to stop by Sharon's to pick up little Bart at 4:00 after you go get waxed.

5. Not moving in the grocery aisle...MOVE OVER!! And you see me coming unless you are legally blind so don't act all surprised when I finally have to say, "Excuse me," and move your damn cart myself.

6. Neighbors who plow you in....'nuff said.

7. Not understanding how to stand in line in public...perhaps I just get this because I am a teacher, lol.

8. Language in public...Now listen, I swear like a sailor at times. I have had people tell me my language is too much at times, and yes, I swear in front of my own kids when I am mad. But when we are in a restaurant and some guys from Abbott are swearing and talking about their weekend conquests 2 feet away from my kids, it is bad manners. So shut up, dammit.

9. People who crinkle snack bags in the movie...The most annoying noise ever! Open it up all the way and pour the snack food into your hand. No one wants to hear that over and over and over...Seriously, it enrages me. I wanna walk over, grab the bag and pour the pretzels over their head.

10. People who do not cover their mouth when they cough or is cold and flu season. Please cover up, you wouldn't want to be responsible for the next pandemic.

Ok...phew! Got those off my chest!! Now, everyone play nice, smile a lot and say please and thank you!! And go RSVP to those party invites on the bulletin board in the kitchen.

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