Friday, March 13, 2009

Movies I Love and Why:

1. 16 Candles...I KNOW Jake Ryan would have dug me too. And I was way hotter than Molly Ringwald in high school. And Long Duk Dong rocks!! Also, filmed in my area and lots of extras are kids from my high school. That was a kick.

2. Red Dawn...Shooting a machine gun on horseback at Communists? For Patrick Swayze in 1985? You betcha! "Wolverines!!!"

3. Breakfast Club...Which one were you? I'd have gone for Judd too. Dark, bitter and mysterious always does it for me.

4. Groundhog Day...Bill Murray and Andie McDowell? Not that realistic but when he gets through the whole day as perfectly as he wanted, admit it, you were glad for him! (And how many other movies have "I Got You, Babe" playing 10 times??)

5. Ghostbusters...Only because it is fun to play Gatekeeper and Keymaster as adults.

6. Slapshot...The most innappropriate movie that my father ever allowed my brother and me to watch as kids. We quoted it FOR years...and continue to do so now. ("Dave's a killer."/"Dave's a mess!"....."Shut up! I'm trying to listen to the #*^@#ing song!")

7. Grease...I know every word to every song, no joke. And who didn't want John Travolta back then, before he was all weird Scientology-flying Quantas guy?)

8. Independence Day...Will Smith saving the world is hot. And I loved Harry Connick too...he was all nerdy and cool at the same time, not easy to pull off. And Data as the weird scientist who gets killed by the aliens was really a good casting choice ;-).

9. Shrek...I love a fairy tale. Who doesn't? It certainly explains my love of soap operas too, right?

10. Rocky III...The one where Rocky and Apollo are friends and Micky dies. Sad and happy...and it launched Mr. T, didn't it?

11. Top Gun...Yes, Tom Cruise is a freak now. But back then he wasn't. Who even knew what Scientology was then? He was soooooo cute. And how about Goose? And Meg Ryan before her face got all wonky? She was so cute in the movie, and it was so, so sad when Goose died. It was even more sad than when Dr. Mark Greene died.

12. Prelude to a Kiss...With Alec Baldwin and again, Meg Ryan when she was cute. This movie has the best line at the end when Julius is asked what he would have done differently if he could live life over and he says, "I would have taken better care of my teeth." And Meg Ryan playing an old Jewish man is pretty funny.

13. Animal House...Again, an inappropriate movie my father let us see. But great lines..."That boy is a P-I-G, pig!" "See if you can guess what I am now......A ZIT, get it?!" and..."From now on they are on double secret probation!"

14. War Games...A young Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy save the world!! When computers were dot matrix and the world still worried about the Soviet Union blowing us up at any given moment. No one wins in tic tac toe or war.

15. Back to School...Filmed at UW-Madison when I was in school there. We watched a few scenes begin filmed. Robert Downey Jr. as a "punk", Rodney doing the triple Lindy, Dean Martin (lol)...fabulous! "Dad, I'm getting a C!"..."A, B, C, you're in the top 3!" And Sam Kinnison was a trip...back in the day he was popular (and not dead).

16. Ferris Beuhller's Day Off..."Beuhller, Beuhller...". It was funny when he talked to the and different at that time.

17. Fast Times At Ridgemont High...Funny and quotable. "Where ever you are, act like that is the place to be. Hey Debbie, isn't this great?" And isn't it amusing that Phoebe Cates is married to Kevin Kline now? That always kind of takes me by surprise.

18. Valley Girl..."That chick Julie is truly dazzling." Nicholas Cage was great in that movie, like OH MY GOD! ;-) Who was that actress and what ever happened to her??

19. Mask...Cher was amazing. It was sad, happy and funny all at the same time. Estelle Getty played her mom, I forgot about that until she died last month.

Well, obviously all of these movies make me nostalgic...and they are all pretty much from my life before kids. I don't have much time for grown up movies now. A lot of the above movies were about high school or college kids when I was younger, or a kid myself. Movies about people my age now aren't that funny...someone is dying, getting blown up, divorced or swinging from a building fighting crime.Back in MY day movies were good ;-).

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