Friday, March 13, 2009

TV Is Good For You!

I love television and it is always on at my house. My children have been raised with it as background noise and I rarely limit their screen time. Are you shocked? No, not if you have ever been in my house. TV keeps me company, teaches me things and keeps me informed.TV is's some of my favorites in no particular order and why I love them:

1. General Hospital...You can escape for a time. I can shoot mobsters with Jason Morgan. I can mentally undress Jasper Jax. Anna Devane is my girl-crush. She is beautiful, tough, smart and funny. I love her, and there is nothing wrong with that! Soaps have HISTORY. I can think back to junior high and there are some of the same characters on. Amazing!

2. Jon and Kate Plus 8...they are my true friends. I know everything about them. If Kate ever gets out without any kids we can have a drink and discuss life. Yes, she needs to mellow out a bit....but jeez, she has EIGHT kids. You'd be bitchy too.

3. Deadliest Catch...I love Sig Hansen. There is something about a man who risks his life to bring me shellfish. A denim shirt and scratchy voice does it to me everytime.

4. LOST...Jack or Sawyer? I dunno, depends on my mood. Feeling the need to be with a man who is righteous and in charge? Then go with Jack. Feeling the desire to be with a naughty rebel? Sawyer is your man. And hey....if conversation isn't your cup of tea, then is always Jin. Plus, Kate can kick all of their asses, and THAT is hot!

5. And some shows are no longer...but still in my heart! Like The Waltons...if you could watch an episode and not get teary at least once then clearly you are some type of cyborg. And even though he was short Ben was my favorite brother. Mary Ellen, despite her annoying voice, was awesome. She did not take crap from anyone on that mountain. Little House on the Prairie is in this category too. Pa was so cute! I wanted to BE Laura...although even as a kid I realized that electricity was kind of necessary. So, I wanted to visit Walnut Grove for awhile, not LIVE there forever.

6. Dancing With The Stars...I like this show better than other "voting off" shows because even though they are B or C list celebrities, they are still celebrities. So, if they get dumped they still have something going for them. American Idol makes me so sad because you just know that dreams are being dashed up on that stage!

7. The Mole...LOVE IT! They do such a good job at hiding the Mole. I am always wrong, lol. Actually, I enjoy Celebrity Mole even more for the same reason as above in #6. The season that Dennis Rodman, Kathy Griffin and whichever-Baldwin was on was fab!

8. Dirty Jobs....I'd get dirty with Mike Rowe anytime. Those eyes get me. Plus, he's funny and he can sing.

9. Little People, Big World...That family is amazing. And Matt cracks me up. He has these ideas where you are like, "Yeah, right....a catapault. Whatever." But Amy just nods and moves along and he does it! And the fact that their house is a pit on a constant basis and no one seems to care is hysterical. But with 4 of whom is a teenage slug, who can judge?

10. Oprah....Love her most days. I don't like when she has celebrities on and she acts like she is so darn awestruck. Hello! You are Oprah-fricking-Winfrey, stop being amazed that you are meeting an actor! I do like the self-help shows or the ones where she makes wishes come true. Makes me cry all the time. And I love it when Nate is on. Such a cutie.

When people say they don't have time for TV or they prefer family time, I laugh in their general direction. Don't judge me! TV is an escape, a hobby....a way to unwind. And we all need to make time for that!

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  1. too funny about the waltons. we drive by walton's mountain every time we go visit my brothers. it's so beautiful in that part of va. come with us sometime!


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